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Turn Heads by Matching Dazzling Jewelry with Your Prom Dress

No one would argue that prom dresses are beautiful on their own. Yet, there's no doubt that prom jewelry brings out the elegant colors and designs of a dress like no other accessory. A prom dress without jewelry may seem bare and bland. But with jewelry to accent the neckline, ears, and arms, the dress will have a brilliant shine.

Choose Prom Jewelry for Now and Future Wear

When selecting jewelry for prom dresses, it's wise to choose jewelry you can use even after the prom is long over. Avoid flashy jewelry that "isn't you." With prom dresses, many girls are tempted to dress up with fancy jewelry that catches a glare from the strobe lights at every turn. But the flashier the jewelry, the less likely your friends (and your date) will notice your stunning dress and hairstyle.

Jewelry is meant to accessorize - not to perform a hostile takeover - for your prom attire. Less is more when it comes to prom jewelry.

Accessorize Your Overall Theme - Not Just Your Dress

Consider the theme of your entire ensemble when choosing jewelry. The prom dress is your main feature, but there are also other accessories such as shoes, a clutch or evening purse, hair bows, make-up, gloves, and possibly a jacket, shawl, or scarf. Prom jewelry should blend well with these items without being too overwhelming. The jewelry should also complement your hairstyle. Some jewelry looks great when wearing your hair pinned up while other types of jewelry work wonders when wearing your hair long and natural.

Popular Types of Prom Jewelry

There are many styles of prom jewelry at differing price ranges. Most are affordable - but only if you plan to use the jewelry again. Prom dresses almost always look gorgeous with pearls. Pearls are simple, yet elegant, and can be worn with many outfits after the prom. When wearing your hair up, choose stud earrings with a bold necklace, or dazzling drop earrings with a simple necklace. With long hair (worn down) you'll want bigger, bolder earrings to get them noticed; however, keep your necklace simple to prevent these two jewelry items from clashing.

Other popular jewelry options are crystal or colored rhinestones, cubic zirconium diamonds, silver or gold plated fashion jewelry, and rhinestone/pearl blends. With multi-colored prom dresses, it's good to stick with crystal or single-color rhinestones or white pearls. Prom dresses of a single color can be lavished with colorful jewelry pieces.

Prom Dress Style and Jewelry

With any eveningwear, the style and layout of your dress can affect the jewelry you wear. With spaghetti straps or sleeveless dresses, you can wear a bold necklace or earrings and accentuate these with a lovely bracelet and ring. With long-sleeves and a high neckline, your jewelry might be limited to earrings and a long necklace to offset the neckline of the dress. Short sleeves can also be complemented by an elegant cuff bracelet with matching earrings.

Eveningwear with a square neckline looks wonderful with a round choker necklace that fits close to the neck. With V-necks, use a longer necklace as an ornament for empty space at the upper chest area. And don't forget to show off those legs with a decorative anklet!

If you really want to stand out, opt for vintage prom jewelry, gothic jewelry, or exotic jewelry. Before making a choice, check out online prom jewelry options. There are stores that carry jewelry to accessorize many styles of gowns, eveningwear, prom dresses, formal dresses, homecoming dresses, and other formal wear at affordable prices. Browse the many styles of prom jewelry to find just the right look for your special evening!

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