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Sublime Swimwear Sets the Stage for the Perfect Summer Holiday

If "life is a beach," then we must all begin the quest for swimwear that speaks of our unique personalities and bodies. No stone must be left unturned in our attempt to find the swimsuit, bikini, or tankini that makes us feel as though we can walk the beach or poolside with style and confidence. Is it the skimpy string bikini in shocking lime green that speaks to you or the timeless black halter suit that appeals to your sense of chic? From simple designs to geometrics, animal prints to solids, straps to strapless, padded to underwire, our choices are gloriously abundant.

The 2009 catwalk of swimwear offers every type of swimsuit imaginable and all of the accessories to complete your summer look. Designers such as the brilliant Gideon Oberson bring us creations that exude sheer genius in the design, fabrics, and fit. Oberson concentrates on angles, space, and weight proportion, creating swimwear that speaks of movement and spontaneity. Design and color are huge elements in this Italian designer's line and his use of technology ensures the perfect fit. If you are an haute couture type of woman, Feraud Paris may be the right designer for you. This team of visionary designers is well known for their sophisticated swimsuits seen on top models around the world. Look for the 2009 metallic collection for the swimsuit to wow them around the pool or yacht deck!

Of course there are thousands of swimwear designers who, each year, continue to wow us with their merchandise. I applaud all of their efforts to help women look their best while baring most of their bodies. As an avid shopper for the perfect swimsuit, I have shed more than a tear or two while tugging at various swimsuits that just did not fit my body type. I have cursed the bikini in my 20s, lamented the tankini in my 30s, cried over the boring black suit in my 40s and all but given up in my 50s. I have turned my back on the dreaded three-way mirror in the department store and started looking for other options to find the perfect swimsuit. I am ever so happy to report I have hit the swimwear jackpot and I am thrilled to pass on this great discovery.

It all begins within the comfort and privacy of your home. Turn your computer on and begin searching for shopping websites that deal exclusively in swimwear and related accessories. I happened to find a great site based in Europe, and was absolutely thrilled to order suits I knew were not being offered in my local stores. I found a tankini that actually looks great on my 50-year-old body because the designer actually designs for this age bracket. The matching pareo pulled the entire look together and though I didn't think I would ever say this, I am actually looking forward to showing off my new swimwear look!

Swimwear sites are, without a doubt, the way to shop this summer season. Look for sites carrying the top designers, as they'll have that special bikini, swimsuit, or tankini that says, "I'm ready for summer!" While you are ordering, don't forget to add the sunscreen and after sun care to your basket.

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