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Simple Steps for Building Your Swimwear Wardrobe

It's time to get creative with your swimwear wardrobe. Stop and picture a world in which you own one outfit that you wear for every occasion. Let's make that outfit a simple black dress, and then imagine yourself wearing it to walk the dog, go to the office and work out at the gym. Silly, right? And yet, many of us own a single swimsuit that we wear no matter what the pool-or-beach-side occasion. Here are some tips for beginning to build a great swimwear wardrobe.

Start building your swimwear wardrobe with a swimsuit that looks great without screaming "I'm sexy!" For example, if your time at the pool is usually during business trips, it's a good idea to have a suit you can wear that won't tarnish your professional image.

For those of us who spend time with the family poolside, it's great to have a suit that's attractive without giving away the store. A cute, comfortable tankini or a one-piece suit with nice detailing makes it easy to feel stylish while you romp in the pool with the kids.

Look for comfortable styles with attractive lines. Don't be afraid to get creative with colors and patterns. No need to be dowdy, but if you can't imagine wearing it with your mother, keep shopping.

On the other hand, there are times when a gorgeous swimsuit can spark just the right flame when you're with someone special. If you're headed for an island trip for two, indulge in swimwear that's sure to capture their interest.

That doesn't always look the same, by the way. For some women, a sleek bikini is perfect for flattering a well-toned body. A full-figured woman, though, can be just as alluring in a swimsuit designed to show off her best assets.

No matter what your body style, add a sexy suit to your wardrobe for those times when you want to look especially good.

There's one more occasion that should trigger a trip to your favorite swimwear store. That's an invitation to a poolside party where you want to display a little class.

Today's swimwear fabrics can be sumptuous, and when paired with an exotic wrap, you'll look perfect outside that swank cabana. To indulge this part of your personality, go for glamour. Rich colors and elegant details can flatter, no matter what your body shape.

Add some great sandals and you've got an outfit sure to bolster your public image. Whether tankini, bikini or classic suit, every woman should own one swimsuit she's proud to wear to parties.

There are plenty of other styles to supplement your growing swimwear collection. If you're active at the beach, add a suit that lets you move comfortably. Like lots of variety? Look for a swimsuit style you love, and then buy it in more than one color.

Why settle for "one suit fits every occasion?" Build your swimwear wardrobe to match all the ways you enjoy the water. With today's beautiful swimsuits, you'll find something special to wear to every outing.

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