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Finding the Perfect Swimwear for Your Body

Most women love to shop - anytime, anywhere - but then there's the dreaded swimwear shopping. It's a three-way mirror, your body, the swimwear, and the truth. What does the itsy bitsy bikini say about your tummy or the tankini say about your derriere? Does the reflection in the mirror say, "Take me to the beach" or does it say, "I can't be seen in this!"? Finding the perfect swimwear can truly be an exhausting, frustrating search and many women would rather forego the beach or pool in order to avoid the hunt. Thankfully, there are some very basic tips when shopping for the swimsuit that will compliment a women's figure rather than work against her.

Swimwear designers are true artists when it comes to understanding the many shapes the female body represents. Working with values such as the lines, angles, weights, and proportions, these designers can create three-dimensional bikinis, tankinis, and swimsuits to flatter any figure. Choosing the right fabrics and colors are a small part of the perfectly designed swimsuit. Knowing how to incorporate clever detailing to draw the eye to the assets of a women's figure or to camouflage problem areas is paramount to great swimwear design.

It is up to the individual woman to know her body well enough to understand what areas she would like noticed and the more problematic areas she would like to hide. Shirring at the waist of swimsuit can create more definition to the waist. Softly molded cups can accentuate the bust and give the illusion of a smaller waist. A scoop back design can elongate the torso, while lower cut legs can slenderize the hips. A deep V at the neckline draws the eye away from the tummy, while a high cut leg can make legs look longer. A square back design lends itself for more coverage, a plunge bra is good for added lift, deep straps are great for maximum support, and the string bikini allows for a great tan.

Swimwear has come a long way over the years and women today have so many choices available when it comes to finding the perfect swimsuit for their figure. Vibrant, sumptuous colors, hand sewn designs, crystal embellishments, buckles, and detailed trim all lend unique elements to the swimwear fashion world. There truly is the right swimsuit, bikini, or tankini for every woman. Whether you are looking for that elegant, understated suit that says poolside cabana or the fun and flirty polka dot bikini that exudes youthful bliss, treat yourself to swimwear that makes you feel beautiful. The female body is a gorgeous piece of architecture and what better way to showcase what is uniquely yours?

Make your search easy by shopping online at sites dedicated specifically to handling the perfect swimwear collections. Find sites that are devoted to sharing information on each design and how it best fits a woman's swimsuit needs. There are superb websites with excellent customer care and knowledgeable staff waiting to assist and guide you through the wonderful world of swimwear fashion. Have fun and don't forget the sunscreen!

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