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Tips on How to Accessorize Flower Girl Dresses

Flower girls add an air of innocence and wonder to any wedding. But, once you've decided on a flower girl dress, it's time to choose accessories for the dress. This isn't always easy when picking out items for little girls, so here are a few tips to help you accessorize the flower girl dress for comfort and a great look.

Hair Accessories

Flower girls usually have their hair adorned with a decorative bow or ribbon. They may have their hair pulled up entirely or partially pulled back, leaving lovely full curls in the back. Either way, a bow or ribbon can be used to enhance the flower girl's attire. Find a bow or ribbon that matches the color and style of the flower girl dress if possible. If the dress has lace or beads, find a bow or ribbon that's made similar to the dress's material and design. A tiara may also be used for the flower girl's hair, depending on the type of look you want to achieve.

Jewelry for Flower Girl Dresses

For little girls, don't go overboard with jewelry. The younger the flower girl, the less likely you are to use jewelry at all. For a flower girl of age 5 or above, you might want to include a lovely, but simple necklace or bracelet. Earrings can be worn if the girl already has pierced ears, but be sure the earrings are short and simple such as single pearls or diamond-like earrings. Remember, little girls are active and move around quite a bit, so long dangling earrings might get caught on something.

Choosing Shoes for the Flower Girl

Shoes should be matched with the flower girl dress color and style. Shoes should be either flat-heeled or have a very short heel for easy walking. Be sure the shoes are comfortable. Also, consider the flower girl's size and growth rate. Wait until the wedding is very near before buying a flower girl dress or shoes to be sure the items will still fit. Most little girls grow fast!

You can also use other accessories for the flower girl dress, including a small handbag, gloves, a sash, a jacket, leg tights, and a veil (for miniature brides). Keep in mind that the flower girl will be carrying a basket of flower petals, so be careful not to give her too many things to hold.

Also, consider her parents' budget when selecting a flower girl dress - they'll be paying for it, after all. Choose a flower girl dress that can be worn for other occasions if possible. Some flower girl dresses work great as an Easter dress, a Sunday church dress, or they can be worn for family portraits.

Buying accessories for flower girl dresses is easy. You can check with formal wear stores in your local area or go online for affordable shopping from home. There are online children's boutiques and stores that carry kids' special occasion clothing. These usually offer a variety of accessories for flower girl dresses along with other similar products such as boys' suits, girls' communion dresses, and christening dresses.

With the proper accessories, your flower girl will look lovely, and her dress will complement your wedding in an amazing way!

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