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Excellent Reasons to Rent Office Space Near Tube Stations

Thinking about upgrading your office space? There comes a time in the evolution of every business when you need more or better space. You may have been working from home until now and decided you need a more legitimate office. Maybe it's time to open a second office, or you need a more centralized location to better service your clients and customers. No matter what the reason, your best bet is nearly always to rent office space near Tube stations. If you're looking for office space in London, there are many excellent reasons to locate your office space by London Underground Tubes.

Offices Near Tube Stops Save You Time

Ask anyone the quickest way to get around town and they'll point you to the nearest Tube stop. The infrastructure of the Tube gets you from one end of London to the other in a shorter time than you can walk, bike, drive or taxi. When your office is just steps from the nearest Tube station, you don't have to hop a bus, hail a cab or walk half a mile through London foot traffic to get to your office. It's right there.

You'll Save Money, Too.

Driving in London is excruciatingly expensive and parking even more so. When you locate your office space near a Tube stop, you'll never have to deal with paying the Congestion Charge or finding a spot - and the money - to park your car while you work. Avoiding the congestion charge can save you up to 50 quid a week, and as for parking savings - let's just say that reserving a parking spot near your office in some areas of Central London can cost you the price of a fair-sized flat. If you can take the Tube, you can pocket most of that money to do something far more fun.

Even if you don't drive, an office close to the Tubes will save you the cost of a taxi or bus to get where you need to go. While it's far less than parking in most cases, it can still mount up over time.

Office Space Near Tube Stations Is Convenient for Your Clients

Of course, the time and money savings that you realize also extends to your clients, but locating your offices near the Tube stops offers other conveniences for your clients, as well. For one, it's much easier to direct them to your office. Imagine being able to simply say, "We're just up the street from Old Street station" instead of giving complicated directions on how to reach your office. Your customers and clients will appreciate how easy it is to reach you by Tube.

Your Workers and Employees Will Benefit

Locating your offices near the Tube gives you easy access to thousands of workers and employees who depend upon it for transportation. Like anyone else, your workers need to consider the costs and convenience of transport to work when applying for a position. Just as importantly for you, the Tube runs more frequently than any other form of public transport in the city. That means that if your assistant is running a few minutes late and the Tube leaves without her, there's another one along in just a few minutes instead of half an hour. That makes your life and hers much easier.

If you're considering moving your office or opening a new office in London, seriously consider the many advantages of locating your office space near Tube stations. It just makes sense for you, your customers and your employees.

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