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Local Web Searches are Growing: Local Directory Listings are Key to Marketing

If you need to reach your local customers, consider promoting your company and website through local directory listings. Local business listings are available via hundreds of web directories. There are also databases that show local listings through mobile devices, including cell phones, iPads, GPS navigation systems, etc. If your business is not listed in these local searches, then you're missing out on a huge audience in your local market.

Consider these facts. Sixty-six percent of all web users are searching online for companies within a 15-mile radius of their homes. About 55% of all Internet searches have references to local products and services. And a whopping 70% of all U.S. households use some method of search to find local products on a daily basis. With these statistics in mind, doesn't it make sense to find ways to ensure that your business is included in the local directory listing results for these searches?

What about Listing Accuracy?

Another issue that too often plagues local listings and mobile search results is that many of the listings are inaccurate or out of date. Perhaps a directory service grabbed your business information from another source and misprinted your address or phone number. Or maybe your business' local listings have become outdated due to a recent address or phone number change for your company. There's no way to know this unless you check each local directory listing source one by one.

Business Listing Services

Another option is to use an online listing directory service that focuses on business local listings. Such a service can help you get your site listed in all the main local directories as well as mobile search databases to ensure you're getting maximum exposure. Using a local service offers the benefit of centralized listing management. This simply means you can log in to a customer interface to manage and/or correct all your local directory listings.

Getting your company listed in all the major U.S. local search databases can help you reach local users like no other method. While some folks might still use the Yellow Pages and other printed sources to find local businesses, most online users are turning to mobile devices and online search to locate products and services that they need locally. People have grown used to just typing in what they want into their phone or GPS unit. Tourists in your area can pull up a browser or directory on their iPad and other mobile devices while riding in their vehicle to quickly find a restaurant, attraction, hotel, grocery and department stores, etc.

As you can see, the new trend for local searches is to use online and mobile searches. If your company is not found in those local directory listings, you're losing customers and profits. It's not a matter of "if" customers will use local online search...but it's a matter of, "Will your company be among the results they find?"

Use a reliable business listing service to make sure your company is listed with the top directories and databases, and to keep your company information up to date.

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