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Business Local Listings: How to Maximize Your Impact

Local listings through web directories and databases can exponentially extend your business' outreach. An increasing number of consumers are using the web to search for local products and services. Millions are using their cell phones, iPads, laptops, GPS navigation systems and other mobile devices to search for businesses nearby. So what are some ways you can maximize your company's local directory listings?

Make Sure Your Business is Available

Don't assume your company will be found in all web directory and mobile device searches. This assumption can cost your company thousands of dollars every single month! There are tools and services available on the web that allow you to check for your listings with the click of a button. You can ensure that your site is listed, and if it's not, there are services to help you get listed.

Using a Business Listing Service

Sign on for a business listing service to save time and money. It can be very time-consuming when trying to find all the relevant directories and databases for your company and list with them all one by one. A business listing service, however, submits your site to all of them for you. Get your site listed in all major cell phone databases, GPS systems, iPad directories, local web search directories, etc. with just one service. It's much more affordable than the typical printed ad such as Yellow Pages, but can be far reaching for your area market and even new visitors to your area.

Take Advantage of Centralized Management for Your Listings

With some business listing services, you'll be able to use a login customer interface to easily manage all your business' local listings at once. Change or correct your address, phone number, e-mail contact or website address in the business listing directory whenever necessary. Many directories either don't update their listings at all or only do so once every year. But with a central management interface, you'll have control over what information is displayed about your company at all times!

Get Your Website Ready

Local directory listings for your company will include a link back to your main website. This means that many consumers will visit your site before visiting your physical store or office. Your website will give users a "first impression" about your company, so make it as accessible and sales-oriented as possible. Give a reason to stop by or call by offering special discounts to first-time customers. Offer a printable coupon or special call-in code. Make sure the address and phone number are visible on every page of your site. Also, include a map on your contact page so potential customers can easily find your company.

As with any promotion for your business, local listings can help those consumers that are actively seeking your products/services to find your company quickly and easily. They're going to search and find the product or service they it's crucial for your bottom line to make sure your company is available in those results every time!

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