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Eight Reasons to Get a Typing Certificate Online

Today, many employers require that you provide a typing certificate when you apply for a job. Employers want to know that you can type quickly and accurately, and they want proof of your typing speed and accuracy. You can get a typing certificate by taking a class at a local college or secretarial school, but why spend time and extra money to get your typing certificate when you can get the certificate you need online?

Take The Typing Test from Home

Why take a bus crosstown or drive across the city to take a typing test when you can take it in your own living room? You can save yourself the time and money of traveling somewhere else to take a typing test when you take the test online. You don't have to find someone to watch your kids if you're a mother or arrange for a ride to a testing center.

Take Typing Tests at Your Convenience

When you take a typing class or typing tests at an outside venue, you're at the mercy of their schedule. When you test for a typing certification online, you can take the test whenever it's convenient for you. Take typing tests after work instead of taking time off to get your typing certification or take your test after the kids are asleep at night.

Take Unlimited Practice Tests Before You Take the Typing Certification Test

When you take a typing class, you only have limited time to practice. Most online typing certification centers allow you to take unlimited practice typing tests to get used to the testing environment before you try the test for real results.

Choose Your Best Results

When you take your typing test online, you'll usually be allowed to take up to five tests and choose your best time and results to print or have delivered. Brick and mortar typing centers usually only give you one chance to do your best.

Take Advantage of Low Prices for Online Typing Certifications

Because they don't need to maintain a testing center or pay monitors, online typing certification centers can pass their savings on to you. Taking your typing test online and getting a typing certificate can save you as much as 90% over the cost of taking typing classes and getting your certification in a brick and mortar testing center.

Have Your Typing Certificate Delivered the Way You Want It

Most certificate sites give you a choice of delivery options for your typing certificate. You can opt to print your certificate immediately on your own printer or have a printed typing certification mailed to you via snail mail. Some companies will even email your certificate to your employer directly to ensure that the certificate hasn't been altered in any way.

Purchase Typing Certificates by the Package

If you're applying for multiple jobs, you may need to present an original typing certificate for each one. When you taking your typing test through an online certification service, you'll often have the option to purchase multiple certificates and print them or have them mailed at your convenience.

Keep Your Typing Certificate Up to Date

Some services will allow you to pay for several typing tests to be taken over a period of time so that you can keep your typing certification up to date. This can be an important perk because many employers want a certificate that is no more than 90 days old.

A typing certificate is a great addition to your resume. It provides proof of your skills to your prospective employers and can open the door to more and better job opportunities. Taking your typing test online makes it easier to get your certificate and compete for the best jobs.

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