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Private Label Premium Bottle Water: The Perfect Promotional Product for Healthy Businesses

Are you looking for a promotional product for your spa, restaurant, gym or health club? What could be better than your own private label premium bottle water? Bottled water is one of the top sellers in the beverage category. It's healthy, it's refreshing and it sells like hotcakes. If your business promotes health, private label premium bottle water is the perfect product to promote your business. Here are five reasons that your business should be selling bottled water with your own brand and label.

Water Is Good for You

One of the prime directives of promotional products is to choose one that aligns with your business. When your business focuses on health, you want to be associated with healthy products. Fresh, natural spring water is about as healthy as it gets.

Custom Label Water Offers Variety

Pure natural spring water is always a seller, but it's not your only choice. You can also get private label premium bottle water in variations with added vitamins, electrolyte water, oxygenated water and alkaline water - great for spas and gyms. For restaurants and juice bars at the gym, you can also look to flavored and sparkling water variations, as well as caffeinated water and carbonated water.

Private Label Products Add Class

Serving your own private label premium bottle water adds a certain cachet to your establishment. It's one of those uncommon touches that helps distinguish your business from others like it, a promotional product that people will buy over and over, and remember about your business. Some of the top hotel chains in the world serve their own private label premium bottle water. Why shouldn't your business do the same?

Promote Your Business at Trade Shows and Events

Take your bottled water with you when you go on the road or host events. Custom labeled bottled water in small sizes is an affordable and highly memorable promotional giveaway at events and trade shows - anywhere that people get tired and thirsty and will appreciate a cool drink. Icy flavored and sparkling water and natural spring water will bring potential customers to your trade show or event booth in droves - and once they're at your booth, you can engage them with your business and sales skills.

Add an Income Stream to Your Business

In addition to selling private label premium bottle water at your juice bar or in the spa, you can add a significant income stream by marketing your own water to customers for home use. This is especially popular with health spas and gyms, which market their own oxygenated water, vitamin water, alkaline water and caffeinated water for performance and health enhancement. As an added bonus, every time one of your customers takes home a case of water to use at home, they're promoting your business - a complete win-win for your marketing budget.

Why serve other people's bottled water at your establishment when you can serve your own private label premium bottle water and elevate this mundane, everyday product into a high-end luxury product available only through your business?

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