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Non-Invasive, Holistic Treatments Can Stop Hair Loss

While many people joke about hair loss, it's really no laughing matter - especially for people whose hair is thinning and falling out at an alarming rate. Men and women faced with receding hairlines and thinning hair go to great lengths to disguise or stop hair loss. They'll eagerly try surgery, medications, hair transplants and wigs in the effort to keep or restore their crowning glory. It doesn't have to be that way, though, according to one innovative hair growth center.

If you're trying to stop hair loss, Chicago may just be the place to be. Natural Hair Growth Solutions, a Chicago-based hair growth center, has helped thousands of people from as far away as Florida and California stop hair loss and start regrowing their own natural hair. They use no surgery, no wigs and no transplants. Instead, Natural Hair Growth Solutions focuses on the issue of hair loss holistically, and offers a seven-step program that helps stop hair loss and encourages the hair follicles to start producing hair again.

At Natural Hair Growth Solutions, they view hair loss differently than many other hair restoration centers. The cells responsible for hair growth - hair follicles and hair cells - are very delicate and very prone to damage from environmental and dietary stimuli. That's why hair often reflects the health of the body. Vitamin and mineral deficiencies often show up first in the way they affect hair - hair loss, hair breakage and dull, dry hair are all symptoms of many disorders. Environmental factors also affect the hair, as does a person's general nutrition and the things that people put on their hair to try to stop hair loss.

Natural Hair Growth Solutions has pioneered a totally natural way to stop hair growth and recharge the hair follicles so that they start producing hair again. The clinic uses a combination of low-level laser treatment, chemical-free hair care products, massage, detoxification, diet and exercise to remove toxins that inhibit hair growth and restore the hair follicles to a healthy state. The result is a natural regrowth of hair that depends upon natural, healthy solutions with no surgery, no transplants and no wigs to hide hair loss.

The process starts with a personalized hair and scalp consultation with the expert staff at the hair clinic. During the consultation, a certified hair growth consultant will evaluate the health of the scalp and determine whether the clinic's program is a good fit for the client. The consultant will also discuss the available treatments and lay out a customized treatment plan based on the client's needs, as well as setting realistic expectations and goals for the hair growth treatment.

The basic philosophy behind the Natural Hair Growth regimen is a simple one - hair is like a plant. If you treat it properly, provide the nutrients it needs and give it the conditions it needs to thrive, it will grow out healthy and strong. Given proper care, some plants can live well over 100 years. There's no reason that your hair follicles, with proper treatment, can't continue to produce healthy hair throughout your life.

Natural Hair Growth Solutions has been a world leader in hair growth since the clinic opened in 2000. It serves clients from all over the country and has helped stop hair loss and regrow hair for thousands of satisfied clients since then. To find out if Natural Hair Growth Solutions can help you stop hair loss with no surgery and no transplants, contact Natural Hair Growth Solutions and schedule a hair and scalp consultation.

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