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Shaved Heads: Their Care and Maintenance

Decided to shave your head because it's a breeze? Guys with shaved heads have it a lot easier than guys who let their hair hang out, but you do need to do a little maintenance to keep your baldy looking good. Here's a simple care and maintenance routine to keep those shaved heads looking smooth and tough.

The Right Tools

The right tools make taking care of your baldboy look a whole lot easier. Put away the standard disposable razor unless you want to contort yourself into a pretzel trying to reach all the angles on your scalp. A lot of guys with shaved heads swear by the old traditional double-edged razors - stripped down to DEs if you happen to hit one of the forums for head shavers - for a smooth, clean shave. Some recommend one of the cutting edge techno Quattro blades, while others warn that they make your scalp more prone to shaving rash. And for those who really like the cutting edge, check out the Head Blade, a shaver designed especially for your head shaving needs.

The Right Stuff

While you're at it, don't subject your shaved head to regular shaving foam or gel. They tend to contain alcohol and other drying stuff that can irritate your scalp. Even worse, they're not formulated to stay on your head in the steamy atmosphere in the shower. It's no fun trying to shave with shaving foam dripping into your eyes. Opt for a shaving cream that's formulated especially for shaved heads. Check out Bald Boy Mean & Clean Shave It Cream for a smooth, close shave with almost no cleanup to worry about.

The First Shave

Before you shave your head for the first time, you'll want to take your hair down to stubble with a pair of clippers. If you don't own a pair, have it done at the barber shop - or if you really want to play it safe and pamper yourself a bit, let the barber do your first shave. You'll get a much closer shave with less chance of nicking your scalp if you clip your hair down before applying the razor. Take your time and get to know the contours of your head. Taking your time will make things easier and faster in the future.

Daily Care

Treat your scalp the way you do your face. Give it a rub with a washcloth when you're in the shower and rinse well. Pat your head dry with a towel, but don't scrub or rub. If your scalp is dry or flaky, use a light moisturizer and always apply sunscreen if you don't wear a hat or bandana. A sunburned scalp is no fun.

Special Tips for Shaved Heads

One of the things hair does is serve as a layer between your scalp and whatever you put on your head. When you shave your head, you're getting rid of the hair, but you've still got the hair follicles that produce oil and sweat. Your hats and bandannas will get sweaty and oily, so you'll need to wash them frequently or risk triggering acne or sweat rashes.

Shaved heads are easy to care for, but the little care they need is important. Clean, moisturize and protect to keep your scalp looking as tough and sexy as you know you can.

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