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Judge Gives Credence to Steve Bennis and His Natural Hair Growth Institute

In the age of the Internet where people can say just anything about someone without having the facts to back it up, it's refreshing to see justice finally served. And that's just what happened to Steve Bennis and his Natural Hair Growth Institute. A former client who had experienced great results when she participated in the six month program that was created and perfected by Steve Bennis, did a complete turnaround after she acknowledged that her hair loss had not only stopped, but was also experiencing new hair growth. She went to the television media and filed a claim in court that accused Steve Bennis of not living up to what he had promised.

Luckily, Steve is meticulous about keeping details records of his clients, including before and after photos, and Steve presented this evidence to the court. The judge sided with Bennis and found that he had indeed delivered exactly what he'd promised and found in his favor. But justice in court doesn't always amount to a cleared name, and there are some of Steve's competitors who wrongfully use the suit to slander his name-and not tout his success.

It's not usual for visionaries to experience resistance and even defamation of their characters, but in this instance it is particularly hard for Steve Bennis because stopping hair loss is his passion. Early on in his career, he had achieved success on many levels, but at the time they simply didn't matter to him because when he looked in the mirror, he found that he had lost over 90 percent of his hair. It affected every part of his life, and he realized that someone needed to do something about it. He understood that if hair loss could affect his life so much, after all he'd achieved, then others must be suffering from the same feelings. And so he went to work on a solution.

Steve Bennis used his electrical engineering degree to study hair loss and what causes it, and that intense period in his life eventually gave birth to the Natural Hair Growth Institute. His patented six-month program makes use of a combination of laser therapy, specially formulated shampoos and conditioners, cleansers and vitamins that are known for targeting hair loss and promoting new growth. He's had great success and plenty of satisfied customers, so when the former client initiated a suit against him in court, it was disconcerting to say the least. Steve felt that not only was his good name at stake, but also the Natural Hair Growth Institute-the very thing he had dedicated his life to.

Steve Bennis will never give up promoting his revolutionary findings about stopping hair loss and promoting new growth, but nowadays, he's forced to do it among a few competitors that simply aren't willing to tell the truth. But the courts have spoken, and according to them, Steve Bennis and the Natural Hair Growth Institute offer a solution that does exactly what it promises. And that's a voice that can be trusted.

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