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Grow Hair Naturally Without Surgery or Implants

Can good nutrition, plenty of exercise, scalp massage, and the right hair care products help you grow your hair naturally? You betcha. For the clients of one Chicago hair growth clinic, the answer is a definite yes. Natural Hair Growth Solutions of Chicago advocates and offers a seven-step solution to stop hair loss and encourage failing hair follicles to start producing hair again. The clinic's regimen includes a high-tech no surgery treatment with a low intensity laser, hair care products with no chemicals and a lot of common sense recommendations to help restore the health of your hair follicles. To understand why it works, you have to understand a little bit about how your hair grows.

What Hair Needs and Often Doesn't Get

The best known and most popular methods of controlling hair loss tend to treat hair loss in isolation - that is, they treat hair loss as if it is not connected to other things happening in the body. In fact, your hair is a good indicator of your general health and nutritional status. That's because the hair follicles build hair cells out of nutrients and chemicals they pull from your blood. If they can't get quality "ingredients," the product comes out thin, brittle or dull. Between poor nutrition and environmental factors - including the chemicals in traditional commercial hair care products - some hair follicles shut down entirely.

A Holistic Approach to Hair Growth

Natural Hair Growth Solutions takes a holistic approach to treating hair loss. There is no surgery and no hair transplants - nothing invasive at all. Instead, the certified hair growth consultants at the clinic analyze your hair and scalp to determine what is causing your hair loss, then use that analysis to create a personal profile and customized seven-step plan to stop hair loss and help you regrow your hair. The plan may include:

Low intensity laser treatments help stimulate and detoxify the hair follicles. Our modern environment and diets put all sorts of pollutants into the body - and those pollutants end up in the hair and hair follicles, causing weak, thin hair that's prone to breakage and damaging the ability of the follicles to build hair cells.

Scalp massage stimulates circulation to the hair follicles. Your blood carries nutrients to every cell in your body, including the cells in your hair follicles. Poor circulation restricts the nutrients reaching your hair follicles so that they don't have the building blocks they need to grow healthy hair.

Chemical-free hair care products are an important part of a natural hair growth regimen. Most commercial hair products contain harsh chemicals that not only damage your hair; they can damage the hair follicles themselves. The right hair care products contain no harmful chemicals - just natural ingredients that keep your hair and scalp clean without stripping the natural oils your hair needs.

The right diet is another vital part of caring for your hair. Any doctor can tell you that your hair is one of the first parts of your body to show the effects of vitamin or mineral deficiency. Natural Hair Growth Solutions offers a line of nutritional supplements and advice on healthy eating for your hair.

And because hair loss is so often an indicator of other disorders in your body, Natural Hair Growth Solutions works with doctors to help determine and eliminate illnesses as the cause of hair loss. The doctors may even incorporate medical advice into the customized hair growth plan that's developed for each client.

If you want to stop hair loss and start growing your own healthy hair, the holistic approach to hair growth may be the right option for you. You can learn more about seven step hair growth plans when you book a hair consultation at Natural Hair Growth Solutions in Chicago, and get started on your own natural path to a healthy head of hair.

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