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Buying Cute Funny Onesies and Other Clothing for a Newborn Baby

Venturing into a baby superstore can leave you dazed and confused. Shopping at a baby superstore can be overwhelming, especially for the first-time baby gift shopper. There are endless options of items needed when caring for a newborn, so there are endless possibilities of items you can give babies and moms-to-be. Cute funny onesies, stuffed animals, and bright colored mobiles all make perfect inexpensive gifts for a new baby.

Just as with shopping for clothing for adults, there are a lot of styles, colors, and options for baby clothes to choose from. Fun baby clothes make great gifts because everyone always seems to enjoy seeing babies in cute clothes. Babies always draw attention from passers-by as well as friends and family of the newborn. It almost goes without saying that if a baby is dressed in pink or yellow, the baby is most likely a girl. Blues or greens are often reserved for baby boys.

With the fabrics and designs available these days, a baby can easily be dressed in clothing that represents their parents' hobbies, favorite sports, profession, or other activities. Military baby clothes are available for girls as well as boys. All babies are beautiful, but imagine how adorable a baby girl would be if she's wearing a white dress with a navy blue and red anchor, or a baby boy wearing a navy blue and white sailor suit! More casual military baby clothing is also available in comfortable T-shirts, bodysuits, and onesies with military designs on the front. There are even articles of baby clothing made of camouflage fabric in traditional camo colors or pastel pinks for little girls.

When you are shopping for newborn preemie baby clothes, it's often hard to imagine a baby could possibly be small enough to wear these tiny pieces! Babies grow quickly, but even the smallest babies need cute clothing, so there are a lot of styles available to suit these needs. A baby wearing a onesie wrapped up in a swaddling blanket feels more secure and will likely be more comfortable and will sleep better than a baby who is able to flail around in loosely fitting clothing.

Most of us are concerned about the environment these days, so starting a newborn baby off in organic baby clothes seems totally natural. Organic cotton is harvested from plants that are not genetically modified, so no synthetic fertilizers or pesticides are used in the growing process of the plants. What this means is that in the process of growing the cotton plants organically, there are no chemicals used that pollute the air, soil and water. Residual chemicals can irritate human skin, so by wearing organic cotton clothing, there's less chance of a baby encountering chemical -induced irritations.

Besides clothing, stuffed animals, receiving blankets, diaper pails, and mobiles make great gifts, along with personalized gift baskets. Soft, stuffed toys are always a welcome gift, as well. Consider an old favorite like a teddy bear, and soft fabric toys from nursery rhymes such as a humpty dumpty doll. Babies grow quickly and they outgrow clothing quickly, but nothing beats seeing babies in cute funny onesies.

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