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Making the Day Extra-Special: Choosing Christening Outfits for Boys

When you have a baby, each day is precious. However, your baby's christening day is among the most special days of his life, and the christening outfit you choose for him is a very special part of that day. Traditionally, christening outfits for boys run the gamut from full-length christening gowns to miniature tuxes and just about everything in between. Since most churches have few requirements for christening outfits, you're free to choose the christening dress style you prefer for your little boy. Here's just a glimpse of the many styles of boys' christening outfits you can choose from.

Christening Gowns for Boys

In Victorian and Edwardian times, there was little difference between christening outfits for the genders. Whether the outfit was for a boy or for a girl, christening gowns usually featured yards of lace - handmade, of course - and intricate embroidery. Today, many parents opt to dress their baby boys in pants or rompers instead of a gown, but there are still traditionalists who prefer a christening gown, even for a little boy.

If you decide on a christening gown for a baby boy, you don't have to opt for a feminine design with yards of fussy lace and embroidered details. The most common boys' gown styles feature styling that resembles a bishop's cassock or double-breasted gowns. They may include embroidered white-on-white details and pearl buttons. These little boys' christening gowns are most common among traditional Roman Catholic and Greek Orthodox families.

If you like the idea of a formal christening gown for your baby boy, but prefer to have him in a suit for after the ceremony, you can opt for one of the many convertible christening gown styles that are designed expressly for that purpose. Convertible christening outfits for boys generally feature a romper with a full-length skirt that buttons on for the ceremony and off for the party after.

Christening Outfits for Baby Boys

If you prefer a more masculine look, you'll find christening outfits for boys in romper, shorts, knickers or long pants styles. You can choose from many different fabrics, including cotton, knit, silk, sateen and duiponi silk. Some of them honor heritage and tradition, like the boys' Irish blessing outfit, with long pants and a pin-tucked bodice and collar. Others have a modern sensibility, like the adorable knit boys' christening outfit by Laura Ashley that features a rib-knit pattern that is both delicate and masculine. Many boys' christening outfits feature handcrafted details, such as hand-tatted lace edgings and embroidered cross motifs, and most come complete with a matching bonnet or hat to complete the outfit.

Dressing your little boy for his christening day can be just as much fun as it is to dress a little girl. You have a wide choice of styles, fabrics and embellishments to choose from, all of them designed expressly to make your little darling boy look like the little angle he should be on his christening day. You can order christening outfits for boys online at most websites that sell special occasion baby clothes, or at a website that specializes in christening outfits and christening accessories for your baby.

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