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Cheap Car Insurance for Young Drivers: 10 Tips to Get the Best

If your son or daughter has reached the driving age, you might be more than a little worried about the cost of car insurance. It's a headache that many parents face. Finding cheap car insurance for young drivers isn't easy, but it can be accomplished with a little effort and research on your part. Here are 10 ways to get cheap insurance for young drivers while allowing your teen the enjoyment of being behind the wheel.

1. Prolong the Process

Just because your teen is of age, this doesn't mean you should allow him to rush out and get a license immediately. Prolong the "learners permit" time period to a couple of years, and explain that you need to wait a while due to high insurance costs. This allows you to cover your teen under your own policy for a while without adding another expense.

2. Encourage Good School Grades

Getting good grades in school makes it easier to find cheap car insurance for young drivers. Insurance providers often smile on students with good grades because this displays a sense of responsibility.

3. Avoid Buying Another Vehicle

Try to avoid buying a separate vehicle for your teen if possible. Allow him to drive yours for a while until he can get a job and save up to buy his own and pay for his own auto insurance.

4. Pay Cash if You Do Buy a Vehicle

If you do buy a separate vehicle due to specific needs (i.e. He needs a car of his own to drive to his part-time job.), then avoid financing the vehicle. Find an inexpensive used vehicle and pay cash. This enables you to avoid paying for collision coverage, which is very expensive for teens. If you currently have a vehicle that is paid for and don't have the cash on hand for a used one, consider financing another car for yourself and give your teen the older one.

5. Driver's Education a Must

Make it a requirement that your teen enroll in Driver's Education at school in order to get his license. Driver's training can help you find the cheapest car insurance for young drivers because providers will often reduce the premium by 10 to 15 percent.

6. Compare Car Insurance Rates for Teens

Use online resources to compare car insurance rates for teens. You can compare quotes for free online and find out which providers offer the cheapest car insurance for young drivers. This is much easier than calling or visiting numerous providers in your area.

7. Add Safety Features

Whether you buy a car for your teen or allow him to drive yours, consider opting for all the safety features possible. Safety features can help lower insurance premiums for drivers of any age...but especially for teen drivers.

8. Make Your Teen Pay a Portion of the Bill

If your teen has a part-time job, then insist that he pay all or a portion of the insurance bill. This will not only teach him financial responsibility, but he might think twice before speeding or being careless if he knows his bill will go up as a direct result!
9. Keep Tight Rules about Driving

10. Choose the Right Type of Vehicle

Be selective in choosing a vehicle for your teen. Avoid sports vehicles at all cost. Use online quote comparisons to compare auto insurance rates for teens for the car you are considering. There are various factors used to determine rates for each type of vehicle. Two similar models can vary a great deal due to the way they are built or how well they fared in crash tests. So don't buy just any vehicle....research to find out the rates first.

Use these 10 tips to find affordable auto insurance for your teen. Cheap car insurance for young drivers is available if you do the research.

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