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The Best Spray Car Wax on the Planet for Dark Cars

When you drive a black or dark car, waxing your car can quickly become an exercise in frustration. Most auto waxes perform beautifully on light-colored cars, bringing them to a bright shine. Unfortunately, a lot of highly rated car waxes fail horribly when it comes to putting a shine on a glossy black, maroon or dark blue body. Instead of a glossy, reflective shine, even the best car waxes often leave behind powdery white streaks and residue that show up on a dark finish like dandruff on a black suit. There is a real solution: Fukken Wax, the best spray car wax on the planet, is also the best car wax for black cars and other dark cars.

What Makes a Great Car Wax?

The right ingredients in the right formulation make Fukken Wax the best spray car wax for just about any use. Made with high a combination of high-grade petroleum distillates and detergent, it does more than shine - it lifts dirt and contaminants off your car before laying down a durable, glossy shine that looks as good on black cars as it does on light-colored cars.

Why Black Cars Are Special

Anyone who's ever driven a black car knows that those glossy black finishes show scratches, streaks and just about an imperfection more than any other color. It doesn't matter if the paint finish is soft or hard gloss, you need to take extra special care of the paint job on a black car. Many paste waxes and rub-on car wax products will leave the car's finish with a blurry haze, often even showing the pattern of your buffing behind.

Part of the problem is that many paste auto wax products are mildly abrasive and can scratch the wax surface of the car. That's not terribly noticeable on a light-colored car, but the darker the finish, the more noticeable the haze and fine scratches are.

Choosing a Spray On Car Wax for Your Black Car

Consumer Reports notes that many paste and liquid car wax products are abrasive and can dull the finish of a dark-colored car, leaving permanent damage. In recent tests, the consumer watchdog agency recommended using a spray car wax product on black cars to help preserve their high gloss finish and protect it from bugs, dust, tree sap, bird droppings and other contaminants. A quick spray car wax can not only help maintain the finish, it can prevent further damage to it.

The best spray car wax for black cars is one that brings out a clean, glossy shine on surfaces of all types. Your car consists of more than just black metal. Fukken Wax is specially formulated to clean and shine all types of non-porous surfaces, including plastic, glass and chrome. According to the Consumer Reports rating, the top rated spray car wax choice is convenient, easy to apply, works quickly and can be wiped off without drying. It will also shine plastic without damaging the finish, and put the gleam back in your chrome - and your eye.

In short, spray car wax is the best and easiest way to preserver the new car shine on your black or dark-colored car. Based on the criteria laid out by most car wax review sites, Fukken Wax is not only the best spray car wax on the planet. It's the best spray car was for black cars as well.

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