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Why Should You Use Ford OEM Parts for Restoration?

Old Fords never die - they just go faster! That's been a popular T-shirt saying since the 1970s. Back then, every high school kid dreamed of driving a Ford Mustang, either a vintage model from the early 1960s, lovingly restored and maintained or the hottest new model that sported racing stripes and whitewall tires. Boys took shop and learned how to disassemble an engine and replace an exhaust before they learned how to parallel park. And any shop teacher worth his salt had one overriding rule for all of his students: always use original OEM Ford parts. Ford cars were always the smoothest-running, classiest cars on the road - and those genuine Ford parts were a major part of the reason.

Over the years, Ford has continued to produce the kinds of cars that Americans want to drive, from muscle cars to family sedans and everything in between. They introduced the Ford Aerostar wagon, one of the first family size minivans, just right for the suburban soccer mom, and the Ford Fiesta, perfect for the energy-conscious and economy-minded. Ford's nod to trends didn't stop them from turning out classics, though. The Ford F-250 has been the most commonly handed down pick-em-up truck for decades, and the Ford Crown Vic may be the most popular project car of all time thanks to their wide use as police cars. In all that time, no one has ever gone wrong using 100% genuine Ford OEM parts for replacement and repair.

Why OEM?

The original equipment manufacturer parts are tooled and machined specifically for the make and model of car for which they're intended. That means they're a guaranteed fit to the required specs and tolerances for your Ford engine, exhaust and other automotive systems. Using genuine Ford parts for body restoration means that the metals are a perfect match - the right weight and thickness - and will take paint exactly the same way as the rest of your car does. When you mess with aftermarket parts - especially discount parts produced by a cheap auto parts maker - you can never be sure that the parts will hold up to the everyday wear and tear your car goes through.

Sourcing Genuine Ford Parts

Finding OEM Ford parts for older models can be tricky, but it's a lot easier than it used to be. As little as ten years ago, restoring an old Ford meant scouring and scavenging through old beaters in salvage yards, and spending your weekend afternoons pulling Ford OEM parts from old junkers bought just for the purpose of being cannibalized. It was always a gamble, because there was no guarantee that the pulled parts would be in good shape.

These days, you can find almost any Ford auto parts you need at one of sites that sell discount Ford parts and OEM Ford parts over the Internet - and you get the bonus of knowing you're buying a working part that's been pulled, cleaned and tested before it was offered for sale. Whether you're lovingly restoring a Ford project car or saving money by doing your own repairs at home, don't take a chance with discount auto parts that don't meet the quality standards for Ford OEM parts. Do yourself a favor and buy from a company that sources and sells genuine Ford parts for the best results.

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