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Genuine Nissan Parts Make All the Difference

Innovation is a watchword at Nissan. While the company may only recently have adopted the word as its tag line, innovation has been a way of design life since the earliest years of the company. It's no surprise that the manufacturer responsible for one of the most notable sports cars of the 1980s - the Datsun Z-series - is again at the forefront of innovation with the Nissan Leaf, the most innovative car of our generation. The same high standards of quality and innovation applies to every Nissan make and model, and to all Nissan parts that go into every vehicle sold by the company. Nissan vehicles seldom need repairs, but when they do, it's vital to use genuine Nissan parts in replacement and repair.

Why OEM Nissan Parts Are Important

Whether you drive an Altima, a Leaf or a Pathfinder, your Nissan represents a significant investment in your family's lives and safety. That safety relies upon more than the whole package - it relies upon the quality built into each and every piece that goes into making up your car, SUV or truck. Each and every part is precision engineered to meet specific quality standards and work in concert with every other part of the car. From door handles to manifold valves, OEM Nissan parts are specifically designed for the make and model of car in which they are used.

Aftermarket manufacturers may offer cheaper Nissan auto parts, but their parts seldom live up to the same quality standards of genuine Nissan parts manufactured by the original equipment manufacturer. They may not have the same tolerances, or may need to be shimmed slightly to fit your Nissan perfectly. That's never an issue when you choose genuine Nissan parts for your repair.


If your Nissan is still under warranty, using Nissan parts made by other manufacturers may void the terms of the warranty - not just for that repair but for any other repairs your car may need. The decision to save a few dollars with aftermarket Nissan auto parts could end up being a very expensive one. Is it really worth saving $15 or $20 on the exhaust for your Nissan Maxima if it means you end up paying hundreds of dollars out of pocket for later repairs that would have been covered under the warranty if you'd used
OEM Nissan parts?

Older Nissan Auto Parts

Nissan cars are built to last, so it's no surprise to see a 15-year-old Maxima or 20-year-old Nissan 200SX sports model on the road. In fact, older Nissans are among the most popular restoration cars for enthusiasts who first got their licenses in the early days of disco. If you're restoring an older Nissan, it can be difficult to find genuine Nissan parts for your car. It used to mean scouring junkyards and salvage dealers to find old Nissans to cannibalize or purchasing a salvage car you could use for parts only.

Thanks to the Internet, finding OEM Nissan parts for your older model or restoration project is far easier. There are a number of auto parts businesses that specialize in sourcing genuine parts for your Nissan. Finding a windshield for your 1979 Nissan 240SX or your 1989 Nissan King Cab pickup truck can now be as easy as entering the VIN of your vehicle into an online search engine.

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