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10 Reasons to Use Genuine Honda Parts in Your Car Repair

Honda has a great reputation for reliability and safety, and with good reason. The Honda Civic and Honda Accord regularly hit the top of the safety ratings lists, and the Civic is one of the cars most likely to be handed down to a new family member in nearly every study done. That reputation extends to genuine Honda parts as well as to the whole car. If you own a Honda and do your own repairs and maintenance, here are 10 great reasons to use OEM Honda parts to do your work.

Why you should use Genuine Honda Parts

Honda Parts Meet High Quality Standards

Honda parts are made to exacting quality standards to ensure your safety and proper operation of your car. The company guarantees the quality of OEM parts at every stage or production.

Genuine Honda Parts Meet High Safety Standards

According to one highly regarded source, 80% of aftermarket brake disks wouldn't meet Honda's quality standards. Do you really want to risk your family's safety on cheap Honda parts?

Higher Performance Standards

Honda parts are designed to meet the highest performance standards. When you use OEM Honda parts to repair your car, you're using parts that meet the same performance standards that your car met when it was brand new.

Genuine OEM Parts Last Longer

The average life span of Honda OEM stainless steel exhausts is at least eight years - far higher than parts made by aftermarket suppliers. Why settle for anything less than the best for your car and your family?

Genuine Honda Parts Carry a Warranty

Honda offers an excellent warranty on all genuine Honda OEM parts. Using the genuine article also preserves your car's warranty, which can be an important factor if you're driving a newer Honda.

Aftermarket Parts Vary Greatly in Quality

Honda parts made by third party manufacturers vary greatly in quality - and there's an enormous selection of them. Unless you're very familiar with the market and the manufacturers in it, there's a good chance you'll get a poor quality part for your car. When you buy genuine Honda parts, you're assured of the quality.

Genuine Honda Parts Are Guaranteed to Fit

When it comes to collision repairs, aftermarket Honda parts may not fit your make or model of Honda properly. When you choose OEM Honda parts, you know that the body parts will fit perfectly.

Genuine OEM Parts Preserve Your Car's Value

Using aftermarket parts in your car repairs can decrease the book value of your Honda. Why lose value by using cheap parts in your repairs?

No System for Recalls

Occasionally, a design flaw in a vehicle or part results in a recall of the defective or faulty part. Major automotive manufacturers have a system in place to track and notify buyers of the safety issue and give instructions for repair or replacement. Aftermarket manufacturers have no such system.

Meeting Insurance Requirements

Your insurance company may require that all parts used in repairing your Honda be genuine Honda parts. Whether you do the repairs yourself or take your car to a mechanic, be sure to check with your insurance company to find out the requirements for your policy. You can always specify that a mechanic use only OEM Honda parts in repairing your auto.

Aftermarket parts are sometimes cheaper than genuine Honda parts, but the savings come with a hefty price tag. Protect your family and your investment by always using OEM Honda parts on your Honda.

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