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How to Tell Genuine Ford Parts from the Rest

It's pretty much a given that your Ford will run better if you always use genuine Ford parts when you make repairs. Whether you're repairing an exhaust system or replacing a radiator, OEM Ford parts were specifically manufactured for the make and model of your car. They meet the rigorous standards demanded by one of the top auto manufacturers in the entire world and you can depend on them to extend the life of your automobile. But how do you know for sure that you're getting the real deal? These tips can help you be sure that you're getting genuine Ford parts for your car repair or restoration.

Check the Fine Print

Many manufacturers make aftermarket and third party Ford auto parts and sell them online or through local shops. They can't claim that the parts they sell are OEM or genuine without violating advertising laws. Unless you read the words "genuine Ford auto parts" or "OEM Ford parts" on the packaging or on the website, you can be pretty certain that the parts are NOT OEM parts. No one who is selling OEM Ford parts would leave out that information - it's a major selling point for their products.

Purchase from Certified Dealers

Consider whom you're buying your auto parts from. Ford maintains a dealer network through which the company sells OEM Ford parts. If you want to be certain that you're buying Genuine Ford parts, check the dealer listing to see if the company is on it. Be aware, though, that many companies offer Genuine Ford auto parts that they source through a dealer network, and others sell remanufactured or refurbished Ford OEM parts. All of those are legitimately genuine parts, and will deliver the high quality you expect from Ford.

Ask Your Repair Person

If you're having repairs done by a certified Ford service station, ask the manager or mechanic if they use only OEM Ford parts. Some shops will try to save money - or save you money - by using third party manufacturer parts unless you specifically request that they use only OEM parts for the repair. You can always ask to see the paperwork and packaging of the repair part if you want to be certain that the parts used in your repair are genuine Ford parts.

Buy the Parts Yourself Online

If you want to be certain that the parts used in your car repair are the real deal, you can buy the parts yourself from an online supplier and bring them to your mechanic. There are a number of reputable online businesses that sell Genuine Ford parts to the general public - and make it very easy to find the right parts for your vehicle. The easiest way to make sure you're getting the right part for your car is to search the dealer inventory using the VIN from your car or truck. The better OEM auto part sites have a VIN search that will pull up all the parts they have in inventory for your Ford make and model.
Don't settle for anything less than the best. Always make sure that your mechanic uses Genuine Ford parts to repair your Ford vehicle.

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