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Why Should You Use OEM Chevy Parts?

Here in the U.S.A. we love baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and Chevrolet, but do you love your Chevy enough to always use genuine Chevy parts when it needs repairs? Do you ask your mechanic to use OEM Chevy parts when you drop your car off for maintenance and repairs? If not, you could be doing yourself and your beloved Chevrolet a disservice. Here are some great reasons why you should use factory OEM Chevy auto parts for all your Chevy auto repair and maintenance needs.

OEM Chevy parts are made to the same exacting standards that Chevrolet required in the original build of your car. When you use genuine Chevy parts, your car will look and run just like it did when it was brand new.

Chevy factory parts are made for the specific make and model of your car so you know they'll be a perfect fit. This can be especially important in bodywork, where the wrong bumper, taillight or fender panel just looks wrong.
Using genuine Chevy parts maintains the value of your car. Cars repaired with aftermarket parts are usually valued lower than book value than a car with all original manufacturer parts.

Genuine Chevy auto parts typically last longer than cheap aftermarket parts. You'll get more wear from genuine parts than from parts made by a third party manufacturer.

Installation is easier with OEM Chevy parts. Because they're made to fit your Chevy - right down to the make and model year you own - they're a perfect fit for your car. You won't have to fool around and force a part to fit.

OEM Chevy parts are an exact match for your car. When you have to replace an armrest, dashboard piece or body part, you know that the color and finish will be a perfect match because the OEM equipment is made by the same manufacturer as your original parts.

Your family's safety is the most important thing in the world. While some aftermarket parts manufacturers ensure that their parts meet all safety standards, many don't. Genuine Chevy parts always meet the same safety standards as your original equipment because they ARE original equipment.

You'll get expertise and knowledge from trained technicians when you buy genuine Chevy parts. Dealers who sell OEM Chevy auto parts know and understand Chevrolets because that's what they do.

Genuine Chevy auto parts come with a warranty from the original equipment manufacturer. In addition, you don't run the risk of voiding your automobile's warranty when you choose genuine Chevy parts for your car repairs and maintenance.

You can find the exact parts you need for your car online. You no longer have to make a special trip to a local Chevrolet dealer to find genuine Chevrolet parts. You can find exactly what you need for your car online.

If you love your Chevrolet, then it just makes sense to use genuine Chevy parts when repairing your car or replacing parts. Always ask your mechanic to use only OEM Chevy auto parts when he works on your car for the safety of your family and the long life of your car.

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