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Extreme Ways to Get Cheap Car Insurance

When it comes to getting cheap car insurance, most people know the most common tricks: keep your driving record clean, shop around for auto insurance quotes, bundle your car insurance with your other lines of insurance and install safety devices on your car. There are, however, some more extreme ways to get cheap car insurance by qualifying for the lowest rates most auto insurance companies offer. Here are a few of the things that will help you get cheap car insurance when you start looking for car insurance quotes.

Get Married

For insurance companies, it's a given that a married man is a more careful driver than a single guy. Married men get cheaper car insurance than single guys, even when they're under the age of 25. Obviously, getting cheaper car insurance isn't the best reason for getting married, but it is one of the added perks.

Have a Child

Yes, just like getting married will lower your car insurance premiums, so will having a child. The insurance companies realize that parents are much more likely to drive more carefully even when the baby isn't in the car. Again, no one should have kids just to get cheap car insurance, but if you have a child, let your insurance company know immediately. You could benefit in lower insurance premiums on the spot.

Rent a Driveway

One of the questions you'll be asked when you're filling out applications for car insurance quotes is whether you have off-street parking. The discount applied to your premium for being able to park your car off the street is substantial - possibly substantial enough to offset the cost of renting driveway space from a neighbor. Of course, you don't have to rent a driveway if you can build one - or just get into the habit of parking your car in the garage.

Take Defensive Driving Courses

An approved defensive driving course can take 10 to 20 percent off your annual insurance costs. Don't just run out and sign up for driving lessons, though. Check with your insurance company to find out if you'll get lower premiums for taking a course and ask which defensive driving courses are approved for a discount. While you're at it, sign up any other drivers in your household for defensive driving lessons. The cheap car insurance is nice. Knowing that your family is safer is even nicer.

Keep Up on Car Maintenance

If you need one more reason to keep up with all of your scheduled car maintenance, consider this one. Some car insurance companies will reduce your premium if you give them proof that you're following the recommended servicing schedule for your vehicle. Again, the benefits go far beyond getting cheap car insurance. You're far less likely to have an auto accident due to faulty car equipment if you're taking good care of your car.

A lot of the discounts available to drivers are given for very common sense behaviors that just aren't that common. If you're looking for cheap car insurance and your auto insurance company doesn't offer any good discounts, get car insurance quotes online from other companies and find one that provides you more value for your money.

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