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Five Uncommon Ways to Get Cheap Car Insurance

Are you paying too much for car insurance? Many companies offer cheap car insurance, but you have to know where the discounts are and how to qualify for them. These are five discounts for cheap car insurance that are common but less well-known than most.

Submit a Detailed Application for Car Insurance Quotes

The more the auto insurance company knows about you, the better able they are to determine your risk profile. A lower risk profile means lower auto insurance premiums. By all means use a website that allows you to request multiple car insurance quotes at the same time - but once you get a response from the insurance companies, request a detailed application so you can get a more personalized auto insurance quote.

Drive Fewer Miles

The fewer miles you drive, the lower is your risk of getting into a car accident, and car insurance companies love people who don't get into accidents. When you request auto insurance quotes, ask the agent about low mileage discounts to figure out if you qualify. Generally, if you drive fewer than 10,000 miles a year, you probably qualify for cheap car insurance with a low mileage discount.

Get As and Bs in School

If you're a student - or you have a student on your insurance policy - good grades can get you cheap car insurance. The insurance companies figure - quite reasonably - that a student who is responsible enough to attend classes, study and get good grades is probably also a responsible driver. Or, more to the point, they have data that shows high school and college students who get good grades are less likely to file claims against their car insurance. Lower risk to the auto insurance company means cheap car insurance for you.

Let the Insurance Company Monitor Your Driving

A number of car insurance companies are trying out a pilot program that includes a driving monitor in your car. You install a monitor - provided by the company - in your vehicle. It tracks your speed and driving habits and transmits the information to the insurance company. In return, you get cheaper car insurance premiums. While some people feel car insurance monitors are a little too much like Big Brother playing backseat driver, others consider it a fair tradeoff for cheap car insurance.

Buy Your Car Insurance from Your Homeowners Insurance Company

If your homeowners insurance policy offers multiple lines of insurance, you can probably qualify for cheap car insurance premiums by purchasing your car, home and life insurance from the same company. Bundling discounts are a popular way to get cheaper auto insurance premiums.

Bonus: Stack Your Discounts

Check with your car insurance company to find out about any discounts to which you may be entitled - and make sure you use them all. You may qualify for good driver discounts, no-claims discounts, multiple car discounts, multiple policy discounts, low mileage discounts - the list goes on and on. Don't miss out on cheap car insurance because you don't know about one of the discounts offered by your insurance company. Do your research, ask questions and reap the benefits of cheap car insurance rates.

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