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How to Choose Automobile Insurance Companies

Comparing automobile insurance companies isn't the most exciting way to spend time, but it can save you money and help you choose a car insurance company that meets your needs. Before obtaining auto insurance quotes, you'll need to know the make and model of your car, information about where it's parked overnight most nights, and information about any accidents you were involved in where you were at fault. If other drivers will use the car, you'll need their names and identifying information about them as well. You will also need your driver's license number, as well as the driver's license numbers of any other drivers who will be using the car.

Obtaining and Comparing Quotes

Getting quotes from car insurance companies is easier than ever because you can do it online now. Most insurers will want to know the information listed above, and some may want other information as well. For example, some insurers ask if you have purchased other types of insurance from their company, because they may offer discounts if you insure your car when you already have other insurance policies with them. Always answer questions truthfully when you're obtaining insurance quotes. If you state that you've had no speeding tickets when you actually do, the company will discover this when they verify the information with law enforcement records, and they may choose not to offer you insurance.

Standard Insurers

Most ads you see for major automobile insurance companies are for companies that target drivers who represent a relatively low risk. These companies are known as standard insurers. Having a clean driving record without accidents, moving violations, or excessive claims will make it more likely that you can obtain insurance from a standard insurer. This can benefit you if you need something more than "bare bones" liability coverage. For example, if you depend on your car every day and can't be without one, you may want your insurance policy to cover the cost of a rental car should you be involved in a minor accident and have to leave your car at a repair shop for a few days.

Nonstandard Insurers

Nonstandard insurers generally cater to drivers who are interested in obtaining the minimum required coverage to "stay legal" on the road due to a history of accidents or moving violations. Nonstandard insurers allow drivers who present a higher risk to obtain car insurance. New drivers and drivers who have certain "performance" cars sometimes have to turn to nonstandard insurers to obtain car insurance. In general, you should contact a nonstandard insurer if you haven't been able to find a standard insurer willing to insure your car.

Getting Great Service

If you're down to a couple of car insurance companies you like and need help deciding, consider calling the insurer's customer service number to get an idea of how promptly and professionally they deal with their customers. If two insurers offer a nearly identical policy for roughly the same price, choosing the auto insurance company with better customer service will probably benefit you in the event that you have an accident and have to make a claim.

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