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Fine Art: Lightness and Darkness

To a large extent, paintings elicit emotions though their subject matter, the media used, and through the degree of realism or abstraction employed.
Added Wed Jan 28 2009

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Online Art Communities

The Internet and web are making it possible for artists to display their work for millions to see. Online artist galleries and communities also provide venues for discussion, feedback, polls, and much more.
Added Thu Jan 08 2009

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Networking for Actors

Thankfully, there are new avenues opening up that allow actors and crew members to link up with film production companies, find out about casting calls, and gain exposure.
Added Wed Sep 03 2008

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Stock Photos: The Middle Ground

Virtually every publisher is in need of stock photos. Thankfully, a new breed of company is filling the void in the market by providing both digital producers and digital consumers with both quality and affordability.
Added Mon Sep 01 2008

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Photographic Artwork Tips

Create the mood you want at your hotel, restaurant, or hospital with photographic artwork. Discover how artistic photography can benefit you...
Added Sun Aug 31 2008

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5 Great Ways to Use Art Posters

If you want to incorporate more art into your life, here are five great ways to use art posters and prints...
Added Mon Aug 18 2008

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Find Great Ancient Art Replicas

Use these easy art shopping tips to find amazing ancient art replicas at affordable prices...
Added Tue Feb 26 2008

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Ancient Art Replica Buyer's Guide

Buy lovely statues and works of art from ancient history at a fraction of the cost. Learn how in this quick guide to ancient art replicas...
Added Tue Feb 26 2008

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Tips to Buy Artwork Online

Use these tips to find quality artwork while keeping spending to a minimum.
Added Mon Dec 10 2007

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How to Draw with Crayola Crayons


Not only can anyone learn to draw with Crayola crayons, but they can take those ubiquitous wax sticks and transform them into masterpieces.
Added Wed Aug 08 2007

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Decorative Acrylic Painting Tips

Learn how you can get started in acrylic painting with these quick tips....
Added Tue Jun 05 2007

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Stock Images and Prints

Stock images and prints allow those who need the services of a photographer - either as publishers or consumers - to have more choices than ever before.
Added Wed Feb 28 2007

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Restaurant Decor Framed Art Tips

Give your restaurant a personality of its own with unique framed art. Here are some great tips to enhance your restaurant decor...
Added Tue Oct 17 2006

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