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Collecting Silver Coins as a Hobby

Are you looking for a hobby? Think about collecting silver coins.
Added Thu Aug 16 2012

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Kentucky Derby Memorabilia

Kentucky Derby fans will find a huge array of memorabilia online to satisfy their collector's heart.
Added Tue May 31 2011

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Memorabilia As Great Gifts

If you know a memorabilia fan, read this article and find out how to buy the perfect gift.
Added Tue May 31 2011

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Buy Autograph Memorabilia

Memorabilia is a fun way to pay tribute to your favorite star or sports hero, but celebrity autographs are a great way to get started.
Added Tue May 31 2011

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Memorabilia as Gifts

If you're looking for a unique gift, think about memorabilia. Whether it's from sports, music or movies, you'll find something for everyone.
Added Fri Apr 29 2011

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Diecast Model Cars & Trucks

Highly detailed diecast model cars are a collector's delight. Marvel at the detail of diecast models of cars, trucks, and fire engines from bygone days and from last year.
Added Sun Oct 25 2009

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Vintage Porcelain

A brief history of some of the major manufacturers of fine porcelain and china.
Added Thu Jun 11 2009

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Women and Heirlooms

Family heirlooms are like a chain that travels through time, linking one generation to the next. As women, we must step forward to ensure their legacy.
Added Tue Mar 11 2008

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Decorating with Antiques

If you own an older home and want to restore its original look, or if your home is newer and you want to add some old-time charm, antiques can provide a wonderful decor opportunity.
Added Fri Dec 07 2007

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European Antiquing Trip Bargains

If you collect antiques or are an antiques dealer, you really haven't lived until you've gone on a European antiquing trip...
Added Wed Sep 19 2007

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Russian Cameras as Collectibles

In this era when film cameras are going the way of the dinosaur, and digital cameras are taking over, the hot new collectible is the Russian camera.
Added Sun Jul 23 2006

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