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Dateline: Feburary 10, 2005 ... Los Angeles, CA
Contact Name: Jaymes Kohnen
Contact Phone: (206)605-6033
Web Address:

LOS ANGELES, CA - Feburary 10, 2005 - This Valentine's Day, try
something HOT instead of SWEET to spice up your relationship! Paris
Production Partners has teamed up with veteran stars in the adult film
industry to produce a series of "how to" DVDs for couples who need
help turning up the heat in their bedrooms. Entitled, "Hotter Better
Now," this instructional series features two of the hottest stars in
the industry as they show, in graphic detail, exactly how you and your
lover can have better sex, by offering straightforward behind­the-
scenes advice on "how to" and insight into achieving more intimacy and
fun in your relationships.

Many counseling professionals feel that apathy in the bedroom is
common for millions of married couples and people in long term
relationships. Couples grow apathetic as they get used to being
"partners" instead of lovers. This is when problems may begin to
arise. One of the best ways to keep a marriage from falling apart is a
healthy sex life. But most couples may be too inhibited to reach this
conclusion and might need help in starting this dialogue with each

"I felt porn stars are natural teachers for sex," said producer Jaymes
Kohnen, "because they have no inhibitions about sex, they HAVE lots of
sex, with many different people, and as a result, their experience and
knowledge can be invaluable to a couple that is struggling to bring
some sizzle in their bedrooms. I found that many porn stars were able
to give straightforward, honest and downright refreshing advice that's
fun and relevant to couples trying to keep romance and passion as part
of their relationship."

The concept of couples using self-help videos to improve their sex
life is not a new concept. In fact, over four million copies of the
"Better Sex" video series have been sold in the United States alone.
Moreover, changing attitudes of the general public towards the porn
industry has opened up new avenues for porn stars who struggle to find
a way to break into the mainstream. Recently, porn megastar Jenna
Jameson published her best-selling book, "How to Make Love like a Porn
Star," which chronicles her rise to fame in the porn industry.

"More and more couples are opening up and using porn to add some
visual excitement in the bedroom," noted Kohnen. "I felt like this was
a natural evolution. I've seen the entire 'Better Sex' series, and
although it was well produced, I felt the content lacked sizzle."

Kohnen went on to say that he wanted to produce a series that adds
visual excitement for men and women, as well as candid advice to bring
excitement into the bedroom. "I want couples to have hot sex, not
better sex!" he declared, stating that his production company had
received feedback from thousands of couples who buy self-help, better
sex videos. "Their main complaint," he said, "was that they were often
visually uninteresting and unexciting because of the unattractive
couples featured in the videos. Moreover, many couples felt the advice
offered in those videos was clinical and dull."

"There's nothing dull or clinical about the 'Hotter Better Now'
series," assures Kohnen. The first installment of "Hotter Better Now"
features porn newcomer Randi Wright and veteran Dale Dabone.

For more information about "Hotter Better Now", or to check out a
video preview, visit the company's website at

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