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Dateline: April 18, 2006 ... Providence, RI
Contact Name: Elisabeth N. Galligan, Newberry PR
Contact Phone: (401) 433-5965
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Dr. Scott Haltzman, Psychiatrist at Brown University, wants to
help families stay together, so men can celebrate Father's Day in
the same home as their children.

PROVIDENCE, RI - April 18, 2006 - "Am I going to see Daddy
today?" More than 40 percent of American children grow up without
both parents in the home; many children never see their dads -
even on Father's Day. It's heartbreaking for fathers, and
devastating for children.

"The single best way to make sure a father and child are together
on Father's Day is to make sure the father never leaves the home
in the first place," says Dr. Scott Haltzman, author of "The
Secrets of Happily Married Men: Eight Ways to Win Your Wife's
Heart Forever." "Often, men don't know how to maintain a healthy
relationship with the mother of their child. As a result, about
half of all marriages fall apart and after the divorce, most
children are raised by their mother, and the father's connection
with his children begins to fade."

Haltzman's book, chosen by Time magazine as one of the "Six Books
for a Better You in 2006," has a very businesslike approach that
appeals to a man. In it, he teaches that being proactive in the
marriage prevents divorce and leads to a better relationship
between a man and the mother of his children. As a couples'
therapist and researcher, he urges men to take advantage of their
inborn abilities.

"For too long, experts have been telling men that to make
marriage better, they have to be softer, gentler, sweeter...more
like women. Many men do feel intense love on the inside, but they
don't show feelings the same way that women do. Because women
don't see displays of emotion, they assume the love's not there."
Haltzman doesn't think the answer is in feminizing men, "When men
try to be more womanly, everyone's disappointed with the

For guys who want to keep their families intact, Haltzman offers
these tips:

1. Keep your eye on the prize: After the vows are
exchanged, many men shift the focus from courting their
wives to more pragmatic things, like career development.
Bad mistake. After the honeymoon, show you care by doing
the same courting behaviors you did before you got
married. She needs to know she's still # 1.

2. Listen before you leap: Before you jump
in to fix something, take time to figure out what's
really on her mind. Just listening, without talking, is a
good start. Once you really hear the problem, then you
can take the right steps to make things better.

3. Ask directions. Marriage is complex; it's a myth that
being in love is all you need. It's OK to ask for or seek
help from a counselor or a book.

4. Think Positive: Pay extra attention to all the good
things your wife brings to your life, rather than focus
on the negative interactions.

5. Pitch in: Men who help out with housework have happier
marriages. Even if you work hard outside the home, don't
ignore household chores.

6. Invest long-term: Just because you're having
relationship problems doesn't mean you should bail. All
relationships have bad times; most will rebound if you
hang in there.

7. Leave a legacy: Being in a healthy marriage teaches
children important lessons about their own relationships.
kids whose parents stick together have less risk of
divorcing themselves. So when your grandchildren
celebrate Father's Day, they'll be doing it in the home
of both their parents.

About the Author

Scott Haltzman, M.D. is the founder of He
maintains a private psychiatric practice in Rhode Island and
serves as Medical Director of Northern Rhode Island Community
Services. A sought after speaker on the lecture circuit, he has
given numerous presentations including the Smart Marriages
conference and the American Psychiatric Association annual

Dr. Haltzman is available for interviews or speaking engagements.
He has been seen on the "Today Show", "Good Morning America",
"20/20", and "The Situation with Tucker Carlson", and has been
cited in "Time Magazine", "Glamour", "Psychology Today", "New
York Times", the" Washington Post" and other national media. His
wit and insights have inspired audiences throughout the country.

To contact him, email

For more information or to schedule an interview, contact:
Elisabeth N. Galligan, President
Newberry PR
1240 Pawtucket Avenue
East Providence, RI 02916-1427
Phone: (401) 433-5965

"The Secrets Of Happily Married Men: Eight Ways to Win Your
Wife's Heart Forever" (January 2006, ISBN: 0-7879-7959-7) by
Scott Haltzman, M.D. with Theresa Foy DiGeronimo.
Publisher: Jossey-Bass, A Wiley Imprint
Price: .95/hardcover

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