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Dateline: November 6, 2007 ... Perth, WA Australia
Contact: Rick Collingwood
International Cell: (908) 410-9535
International Cell: 01161413 734 635
Phone: (908) 494-2824
Phone: 01161421996406
E-Mail: (For Direct Interviews)
Web Address:

PERTH, WA AUSTRALIA - November 6, 2007 - Rick Collingwood, a leading
clinical hypnotherapist and mind clinician, brings hope to thousands
as he tours Australia, and plans to tour the United States soon, with
his series of seminars called "Knowing Success." Collingwood has
tremendously helped the phenomena of hypnosis and hypnotherapy gain
momentum with his amazing skills and talents.

In a world filled with stress, abuse, and disease, Collingwood's
techniques often give his subjects a new lease on life. Through his
treatment, he has helped people with weight loss, breaking addictions
or bad habits, depression, stress, abundance, relationships, disease,
intuition, child behavioral conditions, memory, insomnia, sports, and
mind body healing.

On IRE radio in the United States, Collingwood helped a special guest
bring her cancer markers down from 36 to 11 in only one week. This
miracle took place after only a 30-minute hypnosis session with
Collingwood. Collingwood also works with many doctors in Australia,
and through trials with patients who suffer from cancer and thyroid
problems, has seen amazing results.

"Collingwood challenges that he will prove to help subjects overcome
any problem within a maximum of six hours, even traumatic events such
as those happening with Britney Spears and others," states Johnny
Lordi, Producer.

From a medical perspective, hypnosis and hypnotherapy have gained
credibility in recent years due to new research using brain-imaging
technology such as MRI, PET, and EEG scans. What once was thought to
be myth or an imaginative form of self-help therapy comes to light as
these scans reveal that hypnotized patients have a truly altered
perception of the senses. This new perception gives some the ability
to overcome stress, quit smoking, block out pain from surgeries, and
even erase memories of pain trauma from the past.

Collingwood's seminars "Knowing Success" give attendees insight to the
world of hypnosis and hypnotherapy. Collingwood shares his experience
and knowledge to help others achieve success and unlock the potential
hidden within their own minds. Those attending the seminars will
witness first-hand the talents of a man the American Press called "The
Australian Phenomenon."

Lordi states, "After a decade of working with cancer and other
diseases, Collingwood invented a new technique in hypnotherapy that
works. He has found the key to the technique and language that turns
on the healing forces."

About Rick Collingwood:

Rick Collingwood is one of the world's most skilled therapeutic
hypnotists and also trains others in hypnosis. He founded Mind
Motivations and The Australian Academy of Hypnosis, and is also on the
committee of The Council of Clinical Hypnotherapists. He has
accredited training in hypnosis, counseling, and mental health issues.
He has also earned a gold ARIA Award for his Lose Weight Now! Hypnosis

Collingwood has helped many actors, fighters, and real people in the
United States overcome problems such as back pain, drug addiction,
kidney transplants, smoking, and weight loss with a 100 percent
success rate. He also developed CDs called Neurosonic Frequencies,
which are so powerful they get into the minds of people where lifelong
changes take place, even while sleeping.

Collingwood has been featured internationally on Good Morning America,
KTLA, the NBC News, and numerous radio shows including The Joey
Reynolds Radio Show WOR New York, The Mancow Radio Show Chicago,
Bulldog Radio Show IRIE Ocean City Maryland, and others.

More information about Rick Collingwood and his seminar "Knowing
Success" is available at the Web address below:

For an interview or more information, please contact Rick Collingwood
by phone at: 908 410 9535 or 01161413 734 635 or by email:

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