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Dateline: April 5, 2010 ... Philadelphia, PA
Contact: Naheed Ali
Phone: (516) 857-5052
Web Address:

PHILADELPHIA, PA - April 5, 2010 - Now more than ever, people of all
ages across the world are more concerned with good health, quality of
life and health-related problems such as obesity. Author and doctor
Naheed Ali tackles these issues and focuses on life-changing antidotes
to help readers live a healthier, more fulfilling life in his new book
titled "Are You Fit to Live?"

"The aim is to promote healthy lifestyle across the world through this
medical guide book. The information presented in this 300-page book
is written in simple language for the ordinary man, devoid of medical
jargon," observes Dr. Ali. In addition, "The book reveals how the
world we live in tends to breed stress, and how pollution of the body
as well as the mind of a person can harm him in more ways than one,"
continues Dr. Ali.

In his book, Dr. Ali addresses issues, provides guidelines and
detailed information for healthy living based on his own experiences.
Under Dr. Ali's beliefs, four basic factors: the mind, sleep, heart
and daily diet, affect a person's overall health. Additionally, he
believes an unhealthy mind and stress, often due to emotions or
crisis, tend to evolve into a physical ailment. Overall, the book
suggests the practices necessary for the development of a healthy
mindset in order to lead a healthy life. The author is a firm
believer in the adage, "Prevention is better than cure."

About the Author: Naheed Ali, M.D. has been at the forefront of health
matters by writing articles for various outlets in recent years. He
published a refereed medical journal article at 23, and is the Author
of "Are You Fit to Live?", which presents detailed health information
that often remains unresolved. A medical doctor turned academic, Ali
currently lectures at the Pennsylvania Institute of Technology before
students pursuing careers in nursing and other medical professions. He
covers a wide range of subjects, from doctor/patient psychology to
evolutionary nutrition, as well as a host of premedical sciences.

For more information on "Are You Fit To Live?" and the Author Naheed
Ali, please visit:

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