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Dateline: January 10, 2006 ... Tigard, OR
Contact Name: Scott Thompson, Business Intelligence, Inc.
Contact Phone: 503-476-7010
Web Address:

Datalinks Reaches Into Multiple, Disparate Databases, Does Live Data
Queries And Generates Real-Time, Consolidated Reports...All On The

TIGARD, OR - January 10, 2006 - The ability to gather data
simultaneously from multiple, disparate datasources and then generate
timely, intelligible reports has long been the "Holy Grail" for
software designers and engineers. Since the development of the second
database, retrieving and consolidating relevant data from multiple
databases has been a major challenge as well as a major source of
headache and frustration for decision-makers, analysts and IT

But this no longer needs to be the case. By developing a data query
tool called "DataLinks", Business Intelligence, Inc. of Portland,
Oregon, has now greatly simplified the data gathering and reporting
process to the point where CEO's and CFO's with just a basic
acquaintance with Excel can now retrieve and manipulate any company
data they wish and can generate personally-customized, real-time
reports, all on a personal laptop and without having to consult with
their IT department.

With DataLink's proprietary, patent-pending Multiple Source Simple
Output (MSSO) Technology, the "learning curve" can be measured in
terms of minutes. The simple Query Builder User-Interface (QBUI) with
its easy integration to Excel or XML formats allows any non-technical
or barely-technical user to create live connections from a personal
spreadsheet directly to desired data sources without having to worry
about the problematic steps for data aggregation and data previewing.
What's more, DataLinks installs quickly and does not require a host of
specialists to maintain it.

Whether it be business, finance, health-care, government, military,
data mining, business analytics or complex reporting, the applications
for Datalinks are endless. It doesn't matter if the data source or
format is OLAP, ERP, CRM, SCM, Legacy, local, or web-based. DataLinks
can read it, retrieve it and manipulate it. Again, all of this can be
done on a personal laptop using a convenient, easy-to-understand,
user-configured, Excel dashboard.

The bottom line is that anyone who must rely upon information which is
retrieved from multiple sources and who has experienced the various
painpoints and frustrations associated with data-gathering and report
generation will instantly appreciate the digital horsepower and
operating simplicity of DataLinks and will be amazed at the
exponential gain in overall efficiency the software immediately

With DataLinks, a single individual on a personal laptop is now more
than a match for today´s incredibly expensive and cumbersome software
which currently requires warehouses full of servers, an army of
consultants to maintain it and which, in the end, can do only a
fraction of the data gathering, analysis, manipulation and reporting
which DataLinks provides "right out of the box". In a nutshell, the
new, low-cost DataLinks software represents a completely new paradigm
for the way data will be handled in the future.

For more information or to schedule an interview with Scott Thompson,
CEO, Business Intelligence, Inc., please call 503-476-7010 or email
Scott at

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