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Dateline: March 16, 2005 ... Granville, OH
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New Book Debunks Myths, Clarifies Male Behavior During Crucial Nine Months

GRANVILLE, OH - March 16, 2005­ - The stories of Laci Peterson, Lori
Hacking, and Lisa Underwood are retold over 150 times a year - stories
of pregnant women killed by their partners. "What's Your Pregnant Man
Thinking?" provides advice for women to avoid becoming the next
victim. The book profiles the changes in the behavior of men and
relationships during pregnancy. As prenatal women struggle with
surging hormones, strange cravings and massive physical changes,
fathers-to-be are also going through internal struggles. Robert
Garrett Rodriguez, Ph.D., M.P.H., M.S., explores their thoughts and
emotions in "What's Your Pregnant Man Thinking?: A Roadmap For
Expectant and New Mothers" (now available through AuthorHouse).

"What's Your Pregnant Man Thinking?" replaces the fiction surrounding
men's behavior during a woman's pregnancy with fact. Rodriguez
illuminates the similarities and differences between expectant moms
and dads and helps women navigate the often "misunderstood territory"
of their partner's actions. He also reveals how mutual understanding
can propel couples through this demanding time and into a loving
relationship, that survives the parental challenges ahead.

The first half of the book details how and why men's behavior changes,
while the second half offers ways to strengthen a relationship during
pregnancy and after the birth. Brimming with practical exercises for
couples, the book presents heartening insight into the lifelong
journey of love, from being a couple to becoming a family.

Rodriguez addresses a wide range of topics, such as: what men think
about during these nine months; why some men lose themselves in work,
old friends, hobbies or almost anything at a time when they are needed
most; and how couples can make the pregnant relationship the best time
they've had in their lives.

"After studying the behavior of expectant fathers and couples for
more than 25 years, I've heard the yearnings, dreams, exploits,
confessions and challenges of expectant fathers during pregnancy,"
Rodriguez writes. He infuses "What's Your Pregnant Man Thinking?" with
the knowledge he has gained, and the result is a valuable roadmap for
women on their journey through a time that is fraught with emotion and

"What's Your Pregnant Man Thinking? A Roadmap For Expectant and New
Mothers" is available now at It
is also available through on-line distributors, such as,
and is scheduled to appear in select bookstores in the coming weeks.

About the Author

Robert Garrett Rodriguez holds doctorates in psychology and health care
administration and master degrees in health risk management, public
health, research, and business administration. His nationwide lectures
captivate audiences with his fascinating and passionate attitude. He
is a member of Mensa and has published articles in parenting magazines
and online journals. Rodriguez has previously published "It's a Matter
of Choice", "Health Care America" and "Senior Mental Health Assessment"
(available through Alhambra Press) and "An Anxious Time for Men"
(Greensborough Publishing).

About AuthorHouse

AuthorHouse is the world leader in publishing. Founded in 1997,
AuthorHouse has published thousands of new and returning authors. For
more information, visit

For more information, contact:
Dr. Bob Rodriguez
Available for speaking and signing engagements

For interviews, contact Jenanne Coe, at

PLEASE NOTE: Complementary copies of the book are available to the
media by contacting:
Promotional Services Department
800-839-8640 ext.5244

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