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Wince as You Smile with Aleksandar Krzavac's "Close Your Eyes the Future Has Just Begun" Collection of Aphorisms and Cartoons

"SEX" - Is Long Island Author Patti Ann Bengen's New Book Too Hot to Handle?

E-Book Website Takes the "How-To" World to a New Level of Learning

Author Bobby A Boudreau Informs and Inspires Spiritual Youth

Media Advisory: Invitation to Press Conference for "The Love of Centuries" Book Premiere

New Book: The End of the Middle Class and the Emergence of a Planetary Society of Control

Write Profitably Now

Norman Makous, MD, Author Of "Time To Care" Speaks May 19 At University Of Pennsylvania Bookstore

New Disaster Response Guide For Schools Arms Teachers And Staff With Much Needed Emergency Skills

"What We Need Now Is True Medical Care Reform," Says Doctor In New Book: Time To Care

Sarah Winchester Story Comes To Comic Books

Fotomuse: Camera Woes Inspire Appealing New iPhone App

Fitness Author's 46 Year Old Wife Poses Nude For Fine Art Photographs And Proves Husband's Training Program Keeps You Looking Great And Fit Into Midlife

New Book Offers Help For Small Business Owners

Award-Winning Filmmaker Robert Redinger Is Poised To Ignite The World Of Heroic Literature With His Story Of Angels On Earth

NAFTA Stimulated Historic Surge In Mexican Immigration, Study Finds

New Graphic Novel To Explore The Untold Tales Of San Francisco's Underbelly

"Reformed" Comedian To Help Americans Reinvent Themselves During A Down Economy

New Paranormal/Fantasy/Suspense Book Just Released -- "Deadly Intuition: The Unabridged Second Edition" Chills Suspense Fans Everywhere

LOW POWER SOCIETY: Continuous Hyper-consumption And The End Of The Middle Class In A Hyper-urban Planet


Rum And Crime On The Las Vegas Strip In A New Graphic Novel Tiki Joe Mysteries

New Inspirational Book Reaches Out To Readers With Life Struggles And Offers New Hope

New Book Series "The Adventures Of Kid Combat" Brings Action-Packed Thrills To Book Shelves

Cell Phone Video Underworld Revealed In New Graphic Novel Contraband From Slg Publishing

Why America Is Traveling The Road To Vigilante Justice And Anarchy

“The Circling Eagle” Captures The Heart And Spirit Of The Post Civil War Frontier

New Book: “Get Google Ads Free” Blows The Lid On Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Newly Released Book Of Poetry "Rhythms" By Leo Shelton Engages The Minds Of Poetry Readers In All Emotions Of Life

Texas Mega-Mover Directs The World Toward Ancient Pyramid Truths

New Book Reveals Tainted Blood Transfusions In Chicago Are Linked To The Worldwide Hiv/Aids Epidemic

Breakthrough Novel "We B. Family"

New Book: “Co-Registration Cash” Gives Online Businesses An Edge In Lead Generation

Parents Say "Night-Night" To Bedtime Stories; Children's Reading Abilities Suffer

Who Are We? What Are We Doing Here? Where Are We Going? New Book Lay Out The Answers, And Challenge Our View Of Reality.

Petroleum Problems Addressed With Perpetual Motion Technology Breakthrough

Parents Help Stamp Out Illiteracy With Personalized Children's Books

The Great Architect Assists In Solving "Great Pyramid Mystery"

The Great Architect Assists In Solving "Great Pyramid Mystery"

College Kid Proves Creation, Writes Book About It

Voicemale: The Male Perspective On Marriage, Housework, Commitment & More

Black History Month Through Original Documents

Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby Reveals Startling "Alternative" Secrets To Prolonging Life And Increasing Happiness In His "Wholesome Living Letter"

One Of The Longest-Living Infantile Onset Diabetics Shares Her Survival Methods In Her New Book, "Diabetes Living: The Will To Be Well"

In Book, Soon To Be A Major Motion Picture, Admissions Insider Reveals Bizarre Parent Tactics And Tips For Getting Any Child Into The Top Pre-Schools

Bereavement Book About A Wave Astounds Its Author

New Book Answers The Question, "What's Your Pregnant Man Thinking?"

Stop Fearing Money And Start Making It! "Scared Rich" Offers Tools For Success

Homegrown Terrorism, The Undeclared War Against Crime In America

Newly Released Book "A Breath Away" Gives True Account Of Parenting A Child In Trouble

New Book Offers Shocking Revelations About "Home Grown Terrorism" In The United States

New Book Shows Women How To Predict The Future Based On Their Hormone Cycle

Unique Audio Book "Bringing it to Print in the Digital Age" Sheds New Light on Business Printing

Fort Lauderdale Publisher Produces The First Coupon Magazine, Focused Specifically On The Gay Community

Self Defense Instructor, Jonathan Burke, Expresses Deep Concern For Safety In Young People After Recent Series of Kidnappings and Murder

Author/Educator Says Little Book Would Save Taxpayers Millions Of Dollars

New Book Provides A Window Into The Japanese Language

New Book Adds To Controversy Surrounding Use Of Lobotomy To Treat Mentally Ill Patients

New Book Provides Understanding for the Antipathy and Hate Between Arabs and Israelis

Powerful Pages of the New Book "Deep In His Blood" Expected to Change Lives of Many

New Book Released, "Raising A Sensory Smart Child, The Definitive Handbook For Helping Your Child With Sensory Integration Issues"

New Book "Self-Help, Inc.", By NYU's Micki Mcgee, Says Americans Are Overworked And Are Working On Themselves To Stay Employable

Forget Trying To Find A Soul Mate - It's A Myth! Celebrity Psychic Says There's A Better Way

"The Devil's Cross" Takes Book Shelves By Storm

Dead Horse, Anyone? An Unusual New Book By Gary Zalben Examines The Secrets Of Successful Sales Techniques

Is Anybody Doing Anything About Alzheimer's Disease?

Chinese Girl Lives The American Dream And Meets Her Role Model, Tom Cruise, Due To The Release Of Her New Book

New Information Security Book Focuses On Executives And Governance

New Book, Amores, Chronicles Lisbon's Launch Of The "Floating Island" Project, Created For Its Candidature As The City To Host The Olympic Games

"Frauds, Spies, And Lies" Stops Scams, Spams, And Flim Flams

Fresh New Devotional Offers An Interactive Daily Guide

Top Psychiatrist Gives Men What They've Been Secretly Craving: An Owner's Manual For A Happy Marriage

Mortgage Expert Explains To Women How To Get The White Picket Fence Without A Man

In Book, Soon To Be A Major Motion Picture, Admissions Insider Reveals Bizarre Parent Tactics And Tips For Getting Any Child Into The Top Pre-Sch

"Virtually Dead", The Latest Bruce Makous Mystery Thriller Comes in June

Author of DATE THE WOMEN OF YOUR DREAMS Reveals Top Five Mistakes Made by Men

Alaskan Naturalist Kathy Slamp Authors "Little House in the Rain Forest"

Prepare, Practice And Present With Passion: Author Says "Fearless Public Speaking" Is Easier Than You Think

"Camille Claudel, A Novel" Re-Visits The Life Of A Brilliant 1800s Woman Artist Who Was Driven To Insanity By A Man-Ruled Society

New Book Has The Write Right Answers For Every Writing (And Manners) Question!

New Book Titled "Old Age Is A Terminal Illness" Gives True Account Of How One Woman Finally Faced And Conquered Her Worst Fear - Death

New Book Has the Write Answers For Every Writing (and Manners) Question!

New Book Helps Businesses Identify Details of Any "Logistical Problem"

New Book, "Echoes of Heaven," Reveals Spiritual Truths About God