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Dateline: March 17, 2009 ... Las Vegas, NV
Contact: Sam Han
Phone: (702)823-4222
Web Address:

LAS VEGAS, NV - March 17, 2009 - Following a tiresome patent
infringement lawsuit, E-Cig says it is moving on with new innovative
electronic cigarette products. The company has been battling to
protect its product line after a manufacturer called Ruyan took the
company to court over patent rights in February 2009.

Unfortunately, following the lawsuit Ruyan released statements that E-
Cig was ordered to never manufacture or market its electronic
cigarettes again. E-Cig has denied these claims in a statement found
on the company's official Web site at:

According to E-Cig, there was a lawsuit for the infringement of
Ruyan's patent No. 200420031182.0. E-Cig says, however, the court
ruled that there is no infringement for its new product line and that
E-Cig is using its own new technology.

Though there's a definite discrepancy in what both parties are
stating, E-Cig plans to move forward with the release of a new
improved line of electronic cigarettes. Four of the new items are the
E-Cig E8, E9, U8 and U9. The E-Cig E8 and E9 products use special
rechargeable batteries and chargers, and the E-Cig U8 and U9 can be
charged by connecting to a computer through the USB plug without the
special rechargeable batteries and chargers. The E-Cig U8 is the
smallest electronic cigarette of the world actually, which has exactly
the same size as the traditional cigarette.

With such new, innovative E-Cig products, the smokers will be able to
feel and smoke much more like they're smoking a traditional cigarette
than any other electronic cigarettes, without the risks of smoking and
of tobacco.

"The new models are equipped compactly with our new generation of the
atomizer and cartridge, which are combined into only one piece with
our new atomizing technology," states Sam Han, owner of E-Cig
Technology Inc. Ltd.

So what exactly are electronic cigarettes? These are battery-powered
or USB-powered cigarettes that operate with an e-liquid cartridge.
They provide a healthy, affordable alternative to smoking real
cigarettes. They look and feel like real cigarettes, but produce a
vapor mist instead of smoke. Users can choose their E-Cig product with
varying nicotine densities, selecting less nicotine than a usual
cigarette or even no nicotine at all for a healthier choice.

Han says, "Electronic cigarettes are available in various flavors,
colors and styles to accommodate smokers from all walks of life."

More information about the lawsuit as well as the new electronic
cigarette products is available at the Web address below:

For an interview or more information, please contact Sam Han by phone
at: 86 13958299135 or Judy Rock at: 1(702)823-4222, or by email:

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