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Dateline: April 10, 2008 ... Cerritos, CA
Contact: Dan Lewis
Phone: (310) 494-0343
Web Address:

CERRITOS, CA - April 10, 2008 - Veterans Establish A National
Organization To Fulfill The Needs Of Veterans And Their Families.
Veterans came together to establish A.T.M. (Award The Military). Their
slogan is, "Awarding The Military" with recognition, care, respect,
admiration, benefits and resources in appreciation for the great
sacrifices they have made for our nation and throughout the world."

A.T.M. Veterans Resource Center prides themselves as being a premier
Non-Profit Counseling and Assistance Center providing comprehensive
transitional and support services for active military servicemen,
those who formerly served and their families.

Their primary goal is to provide Free Preventative, Rehabilitative and
Transitional Services that will help veterans live healthy,
productive, prosperous, and independent lives. Our services are
designed to enhance the quality of lives, improve their physical and
mental well-being, and transition themselves back into society at
every level of their lives.

A.T.M. Veterans Resource Center has developed a new ?interactive web
and intranet-based? veterans resource center based on the latest
technological advances. New information technology was developed to
provide a timelier and more efficient delivery of their services,
specifically their core competency, counseling services which allows
professional counselors throughout the nation to interact with
veterans and their families via web casting, videoconferencing, live
chatting, teleconferencing, and email communications. The effect of
this is an easier and more efficient access to their services with
operations open 24 hours, 7 days per week. As technology expands, they
stand at the helm of taking advantage of this growth and preparing
veterans through leadership, education, life-building and financial
assistance for the technology and opportunities of the 21st century.
They feel that it is their duty to portray the image of the veteran in
such a light that they are respected for what they have done for our
country and not looked upon as just a special interest group.

A.T.M. fully understands the many different challenges that both
veterans and their families face before and after service personnel
are deployed. Post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, substance
abuse, and suicide are just a few; as well as the memories of trauma,
injury, and mental health issues. Their service offerings are focused
on providing solutions that can help resolve these complex problems
today and in the future.

Veterans and their families are encouraged to visit their web site at: to acquire needed services and resources; as
well as individuals, companies and organizations who have a desire in
their heart to help fund their operations by giving a donation.

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