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Dateline: April 4, 2001...Norristown, PA
Contact Name: Steve Liebers
Contact Phone: 800-822-2881 Ext. 11
Contact Fax: 610-631-9330

April 4, 2001, Norristown, PA - Select-A-Vision one of the nation's leading Reading Glass manufacturer's recently patented what may be the answer to a shopper's dilemma when purchasing non-prescription eyewear in Drug Stores, Department Stores, and other traditional outlets that require a self purchase.

Steve Liebers, President of Select-A-Vision said that his company's invention, a patented instrument named "The MagniFinder" will make the shopping experience more pleasurable, especially for the millions of baby boomers who are fast becoming new reading glass customers.

Up until now, a reading glass shopper has had no accurate method to identify which eyeglass to buy except by trying on pair after pair in front of a rack. This haphazard approach has dissappointed many customers who have found that they have purchased the wrong power.

The MagniFinder (which is built right into their display) has all the makings of simulating a vision exam from an optometrist, by allowing the customer to systematically test each power from a standardized distance without taking their eyes off the print.

"It's amazing to see how excited customers become" Liebers said. "We've even added a voice chip to walk the customer through the entire testing process." It is a very similar concept to the Blood Pressure Machine, which is now very common to see in Drug Stores.

Once the customer has discovered their proper magnification, the display also provides a variety of high fashion frames for the discriminating reading glass shopper, who is now more confident that they are making the correct purchase.

Liebers said, "We have revolutionized the non-prescription reader business and have raised the bar for the industry", which seems to be important as retailers fiercely compete with each other for valuable consumer dollars.

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