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Press release Distribution Services, Internet Marketing - Press Release Distribution, Press Release Services, Write Press Releases, Fax Pr's

Press Release Distribution ... Write Press Releases ... Fax Press Releases ... Create Quality Audio PR's For You ... Online Press Release Services, News Releases, Targeted Press Release Distribution & more ...

Almost every business has something that can be announced to the press and media. Even niche markets have their own trade publications and news audiences... Let us write something for you!

Press and media contacts need information every day to share with their audiences! Our online press release services will write your pr and/or even create an audio pr and then distribute your PR's to the media.

A well written story about how a product or service was used, or a pr describing ways that people are benefiting from something, can go a long way toward helping to grow your business! Of course, a series of press releases announcing new products are always important and will work very well.

Would you like to send out a press release but you are not sure where to start? Or, do you have a press release idea, concept or information that you need to distribute but you don't have the time to write the press release? We have a SOLUTION to your problem!

At Advanced-PR we have skilled professional writers who can expertly and professionally write your press release for you. They will uniquely express your company, it's products and services and your information to the targeted media that really count for your business. All of our writers have years of press release writing experience and can write a press release (from scratch) for your approval usually within 1-3 business days.

All of our work must meet with your approval before it is sent out to our targeted lists of thousands of media contacts. Most PR's typically reach 9,000 - 12,000 targeted contacts. Just fill out our secure online ORDER FORM and supply us with the WHO, WHAT, WHEN and WHERE information about your product, service or announcement and your web site address if you have one, and we will handle the writing, creation AND full targeted news release distribution of your press release.

Click here to see a sample press release written by one of our experienced writers. If you are thinking of writing your own press release then for some quality tips on how to write your own press release to the media, please visit this article. It will provide a few important tips on how to write a press release ...

"Thanks for your fine work! WOW! I love the press release that you wrote for us! You have done so much to help us out with this press release that I would be honored to give you our coaching services for nothing!"
Dan Stutz
Al Lopez
Transformational Process
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Dedicated Media/Press Release Distribution...
Our press release services are designed for those businesses who would like to accurately distribute their press releases in a personalized format to a highly TARGETED and CUSTOMIZED press and media list. Your press release is written or proofed, polished and distributed to all of the appropriate editors, reporters, journalists, program directors, program managers, web portals and other media contacts that are involved and interested in your subject matter. Then in addition to further enhance your press release distribution and media coverage, we urge you to strongly consider adding our - audio press release service and/or our dedicated fax pr distribution services.

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Get Extraordinary RADIO Coverage with our Fax and/or Audio Press Release Distribution Service...
If you need to target the Radio media markets then this is the option for you! We can provide you with TWO extra methods of reaching those media centers. We can fax your press release direct to HUNDREDS of media contacts in the Radio media. Our Radio FAX service will enable you to get your press release into the hands of all of the program directors, managers and top radio executives at thousands of radio stations throughout the USA and Canada.

An additional method that is highly effective in getting Radio coverage for any press release is our Audio Press Release Services. For an extra fee we will create a professional announcement that paraphrases your press release and delivers it via a professional reporter in a standard audio format that will be included in your emailed press release to the media. We will also provide you with a link that you can place on your web site so that audio capsule can also be played by your web site visitors if they desire. Our turn around time for this extra service is usually only 1 business day and it does NOT require any extra time or effort on your part! This is a powerful way to provide the radio stations with an AIR READY press release that helps your company! Click HERE to hear an actual example of an audio press release! Additional audio press release examples can also be found here as well as here!

"I actually got all teary-eyed listening to the Audio press release you created for us... What a wonderful job! ... You have surpassed my wildest dreams regarding public relations, press releases, etc. Worth every penny for sure. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!"
Thomas S. Roukis, DPM, AACFAS
Reconstructive Foot & Ankle Surgeon
Weil Foot & Ankle Institute

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TV and Cable Coverage with our Fax Press Release Distribution Service...
Reaching TV and Cable media contacts is easy with our FAX press release distribution list for the TV and Cable industry. We have hundreds of media contacts reaching major networks and media coverage centers. Some of these include: ABC, Bloomberg, CBS, CNBC, CNN, ESPN, plus many more! We even have contacts for popular shows such as Oprah, Dateline NBC, the Today Show, and 20/20. These press release fax services are available separately and can be used in addition to our regular email news release distribution service so that you can generate even more media attention for your press release. In order to get your press release distributed into the hands of the media professionals that matter to your business you need to ORDER NOW!

WE GUARANTEE your success!

If you don't receive any media or press attention that YOU know about as a result of various press and media contacts calling you and telling you that they are going to do a story on your products or services OR after about 30 days of your customers or other businesses letting you know they read about you in some media publications, then just let us know - and we will send your press release again for FREE!!! That's our GUARANTEE!

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To take advantage of any of our Advanced-Press Release Services, or Marketing Services, just fill out the 100% SECURE Online Order Form! Or if you have any further questions please feel free to send an E-Mail to or call us at: (805) 528-2100.

Additional Services you may need...

Reach the LATIN Media!
Need to reach the Spanish or Portuguese speaking media centers in Latin and South America? We can do that for you too! Contact us at your convenience to ask us how we can help your business get media attention in the Latin countries of South America. We can do the translations of your press release and handle the media distribution for your company.

Library Email Contacts!
Many libraries and reference centers across the USA and Canada are looking for certain information and materials. If you are needing to reach those contacts and their purchasing departments, we can help! Give us a call or email us for more information.

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